Safe Hands + Roam

The transition from quarantine life into a “new normal” has been undeniably challenging for all of us. The CDC and government leaders have provided guidelines for the transition period we find ourselves in, yet so much is left to personal preference and interpretation. At Roam, we’ve identified a common obstacle that is true both inside…

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The Brief: Growth Kit #7

Working on laptop on an outdoor patio

As life begins returning to normal, it’s important to continue focusing on your professional, physical and personal growth. These areas of life are important for your mental and physical health, so let’s continue making them a priority. Here are three things that you and your family can do over the next week to add to…

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The Brief: Growth Kit #4

This week we’re offering a few ways to switch up your routine without needing a lot of additional free time. Instead of taking up a new hobby or learning a new language this week, let’s begin with something that may be a little easier to accomplish. Start small by trying a new workout, taking a…

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Meeting Space for Teams to Innovate and Iterate

Brainstorm session with sticky notes

As we explained in our Introduction to Scrum Methodology article, an increasing number of forward thinking companies are choosing a more modern approach to product development. Born of the software industry, but entirely applicable to almost any business, the scrum methodology enables companies to operate much more swiftly within the constantly changing demands of consumer…

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An Introduction to Scrum Methodology

Meeting attendees engaging at speaking event

Product development in the pre-internet days involved meticulous planning, careful scheduling and the unified pursuit of a clearly identified end goal. It’s a rigid structure that proved successful across virtually all industries for many decades. However, this traditional model has become a bit cumbersome—and impractical—in recent years as the Digital Age has significantly impacted the…

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Five Inspiring and Unexpected Places to Meet in Atlanta

people sitting outside of coffee shop

At Roam, we strive to provide the best environment possible to inspire meaningful collaboration among Atlanta’s professional community. But occasionally, meeting objectives call for something a bit more unexpected than whiteboard walls and sticky notes. To kickstart your team’s creativity, check out our favorite uncommon places to meet, brainstorm and be inspired. The High Museum…

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How Companies Leverage Coworking Spaces

Contrary to popular opinion, coworking spaces are not exclusively for freelancers and start-ups. A rapidly growing segment of the industry comes—somewhat surprisingly—from the corporate world. In fact, a recent survey by CBRE Research indicates that 65% of enterprise-level organizations plan on leveraging the power of coworking by 2020. A CREATIVITY AND COLLABORATION KICKSTART Savvy business…

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Tech Driven Innovations to Enhance Your Next Meeting

In many cases, engagement, productivity and results could be considered the gold standard for an effective meeting. But as anyone who has ever planned or facilitated a meeting knows, that objective is far easier said than done. To hold a truly effective meeting, it’s imperative to tap into creative resources to inspire people to actively…

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Flexible (And Fun) Alternatives for Your Daily Commute

Let’s be honest- Atlanta traffic is not a force to be reckoned with. Whether it’s on the 285 connector or surface streets, it’s hard to escape the bumper-to-bumper build up at some point during your day. And as our city continues to grow and welcome new Atlantians, we can only predict that the reality of…

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Think Outside the Meeting Space: Flexible space for events of all varieties

Roam’s innovative workplaces offer environments that inspire effective brainstorming sessions and enable productive team gatherings for your business, but the space can be used for so much more. In fact, we encourage you to think of the meeting space at Roam as a blank canvas; one that is waiting to help bring your most creative…

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