FAQsFrequently Asked Questions

Curious about the specifics? Here are some questions we often receive.

And if you have additional questions, send us a quick email: roam@meetatroam.com


“What are your hours of operation?”

Monday-Friday 8am-6pm


“How can I have after-hours access?”

At locations where After Hours access is available, cost is $100/person. It is only available for Premier, Premier+ Memberships, and Dedicated Offices. To reserve a private room after hours, price varies at each location. Please see local community manager.


“Can I just work for the day?”

The Roam Day Pass is just $20. Come be a member for the day!


“Can I sign up for a tour?”

Feel free to stop by whenever it works for you! Someone from our team will be happy to show you around.


“How do I become a member?”

The process is simple! Just stop by and fill out a short agreement or sign up online.


“I am not a member. How do I reserve a meeting room?”

Only members have the capability to book rooms online. If you would like to reserve a meeting room, you can do so online or feel free to give us a call:

Alpharetta: (678) 495-2260

Buckhead: (404) 465-3485

Dunwoody: (770) 648-2921

Galleria: (404) 850-9740

Email: roam@meetatroam.com


“What are your rates for large meeting rooms, and how do I reserve one?”

For availability, pricing, catering options and all other inquiries, please contact:

For Alpharetta bookings: Katie Swinford: kswinford@meetatroam.com | (678) 580-8058

For Dunwoody bookings: Yvonne Hill: yvonne@meetatroam.com | (404) 386-8498

For Galleria bookings: Beth Summers: bsummers@meetatroam.com | (404) 593-9009

For Buckhead bookings: Courtney Vann: cvann@meetatroam.com | (404) 617-3486


“What technology do you offer in a meeting room?”

Every meeting room comes with a complimentary whiteboard, LCD Screen or projector, WiFi and phone/speakerphone (by request). Our screens and projectors are HDMI and VGA compatible. We also offer AppleTV for Apple devices.


“I am not a member. When do I pay for my meeting room?”

If you are not under an agreement (typically smaller rooms), you may pay upon arrival. If you reserved with an agreement (typically larger rooms), payment will be made ahead of time. This information will be stated in your agreement.


“What is your cancellation policy for conference rooms?”

For small or medium rooms, cancellations must be done by 11:59pm the night before your booking in order for hours to be credited back to your account. For large meeting rooms, cancellation terms are arranged on your agreement.


“What is your cancellation policy for membership?”

Memberships are month-to-month with a 2-month minimum. Memberships must be cancelled by the 25th of the month for the following month’s membership.


“Can I bring in my own food?”

Our cafe offers both breakfast and lunch options, as well as delivery options. Please do not bring in outside drinks. If you are in our workspace, please be respectful of other people working if you bring in food. If you have a large meeting, talk to us about catering options. We would love the opportunity to serve you!


“Do I have to be a member to have a mailbox?”

Yes. You can add a mailbox onto your membership for just $20/mo.


“How do I advertise on your screens?”

Advertising is reserved for Premier and Premier+ members. To see these memberships, click here.


“Do you offer discounts for nonprofits?”

Roam memberships are conducive to a nonprofit organization. At Roam, we have an extensive community of nonprofits, ministries and companies that service nonprofits. This is a great place to connect with similar organizations. Join us for a nonprofit event, and plug into the community!


“When can I access the Member Lounge?”

Members have access to the Member Lounge for additional workspace when availability permits. If a large room is not being occupied, this will often be designated as the Member Lounge coworking space for that day. Find out at the front desk which room is available, or check the availability on our events page.


“I’m a member. When do I use my guest passes?”

Each membership comes with an allotted amount of guest passes. If you’re in a meeting room, there is no need to use a guest pass. However, if you have a guest join you in our workspace, have them check in at the front desk. We will track how many guest passes you have left.