Virtual Assistant Services

Delegate the to-do’s + administrative hassle and stay focused on what’s most important — growing your business!

What are Virtual Assistants

Ever wish you had a personal assistant on staff but just don’t have the bandwidth? Virtual assistants are professionals who provide administrative services to individuals or businesses. For a small business owner, a dedicated virtual assistant can be a lifesaver, handling tasks such as email management, appointment scheduling, and data entry. Often working on a freelance basis, virtual assistants allow businesses to access their services without the commitment of hiring a full-time employee. Additionally, virtual assistants can assist with project management, coordinating tasks, and ensuring projects are completed efficiently, making them a versatile solution for various business needs.


professional assistance with

Bookkeeping & administrative support

Email management + correspondence

Calendar management

Travel + lifestyle management

Data entry

Customer service

Branded presentations + reports

Establish + manage partnerships

Social Media Assistant

Executive Assistant services plus:

specialized assistance with

Social media management

Email marketing tasks

Blog post creation

Content writing

Content creation


Powered by VaVa Virtual Assistants

With a passion for helping business owners spend more time doing what they love, VaVa's partnership and expertise equips us to offer an exclusive virtual assistant service for Roam members. Watch your business grow when you delegate the administrative hassle and spend more time focused on the strategic initiatives only you can do!

Save time. Spend less. Accomplish more.

  • Delegate administrative tasks and experience the impact of giving more time + focused effort on revenue-generating activities for your business.

  • Save money by eliminating the costs of hiring a full-time employee: benefits, taxes, training, technology equipment + more.

  • Maximize productivity by only paying for the time your virtual assistant is working on your behalf - no paying for idle hands.

Lady on laptop in coworking space

How it works

conversation bubbles

Listen + identify

We find out what you need and determine how we can help you be more successful

Virtual assistant

Get acquainted

We pair you with the perfect virtual assistant for your needs and schedule a kickoff call for introductions

To do list

Start delegating

Delegate the to-do's and start assigning business tasks to your virtual assistant


Tasks complete

Your virtual assistant reports back to you with completed tasks and projects

Winning results

Winning results

Continue delegating tasks to save time and accomplish more for your small business

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