Five Inspiring and Unexpected Places to Meet in Atlanta

At Roam, we strive to provide the best environment possible to inspire meaningful collaboration among Atlanta’s professional community. But occasionally, meeting objectives call for something a bit more unexpected than whiteboard walls and sticky notes. To kickstart your team’s creativity, check out our favorite uncommon places to meet, brainstorm and be inspired.

  1. The High Museum of Art – Art has a particularly unique way of inspiring—it’s a powerful vehicle that can transport us to a different time and place or move us to experience a variety of emotions. The High’s collection of world-class art is no exception. A leisurely stroll through the various galleries allows team members to draw upon the creativity of others, and potentially invigorate a passion for their own craft.
  2. Chattahoochee Coffee Company at Walton on the Chattahoochee Apartment Community – Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to experience the tranquility of nature just minutes from the bumper to bumper traffic on I-285. This coffee shop gem is located on the property of Walton at Chattahoochee and offers residents and guests access to some of the most spectacular vistas of the Chattahoochee River. Grab a cup of coffee (and one of the gigantic scones from Ratio Bakeshop), sit back on an Adirondack chair and allow the natural beauty to inspire your thoughts.
  3. The Goat Farm Arts Center – This spot is one of the city’s best kept secrets and while it may not look like much on the outside, the renovated factory complex houses over 300 art studios. Your senses will be piqued with curiosity at the countless creatives, artists and makers who are at work within the arts center. With its focus on innovative and experimental works, we’re confident the Goat Farm will evoke fresh ideas from your team. After walking around the complex, allow those ideas to be channeled into productive conversation at the on-site coffee shop- The Warhorse Coffee Joint.
  4. Ponce City Market – Visit one of ATL’s most popular locations to live, work and play for an instant infusion of energy and excitement. The Ponce City Market Food Hall features widely-recognized restaurants like H&F Burger—in the event that you ,prefer to talk numbers over a burger and fries. If you’re looking to get new product or merchandising ideas, wander through the countless retail stores with a Moleskine in hand to make note of any observations. But, if your team is in search of a little fun, be sure to check out The Roof. Where else can you play mini golf and take in panoramic views of the skyline while talking business?
  5. Top Golf – No collared shirt and khakis required to enjoy a round at Top Golf. In fact, you don’t even need to know how to play the game—just grab a few coworkers and enjoy an afternoon of friendly competition. Maybe some brainstorming ideas will even surface while you’re on the tee box.

Culture, nature, physical activity and even a little retail therapy can provide the unexpected boost in brainstorming power your team needs to tackle the next big project. And while it’s not always practical to transport a board meeting to the art gallery or to the banks of a river, these spots can serve as a great way to replenish energy levels and get creative juices flowing. You never know what genius idea might emerge!

Once your creative mindset feels sufficiently renewed, head back to Roam, and get ready to put those new ideas into action!