Brain Food: What to Serve for Lunch at Your Next Corporate Event

Imagine you’re midway through a day-long corporate event. You’re absorbing valuable insights, participating in team-building exercises, and then it hits you — that mid-afternoon energy slump. Suddenly, your brain feels like it’s slogging through mud, and you find it hard to focus. Could the culprit be the lunch you just had?  A growing body of…

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Fun Kickoff Meeting Ideas for 2023

All-inclusive meeting experience at Roam

Business meetings have a bad rap for being long and boring. Fortunately, there are many ways for management to make meetings more fun and engaging for all involved. Start your next meeting off on the right foot with a kickoff meeting designed to increase productivity and spark creativity.  Whether you’re planning an in-person meeting or…

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Plan Like a Pro: How to Get Your Business Organized

Organization is key to running a successful business. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs struggle to find an adequate work-life balance that eliminates distractions, saves time, improves focus, and increases productivity. Good business organization can help keep your operations running smoothly and prevent costly periods of downtime. There is no better time than now to reassess your business…

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How Offsite Meetings Can Enhance Productivity

Training room for rent in Atlanta, Georgia

If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that working in a traditional office space or working from home full time is not always conducive for productivity. In fact, the pandemic has only confirmed the widespread need for a clean, safe and flexible solution where employees can meet, collaborate and connect. Meeting room rentals…

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How to Choose the Perfect Corporate Event Venue

You’ve been tasked with planning the next corporate event for your company – an event that needs to impress, You’ve been tasked with planning the next corporate event for your company. A special event that needs to impress, stays within budget and is located close to the city. While there are numerous corporate event venues…

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Tips for hosting a hybrid meeting

With vaccinations and CDC guideline updates, we’re well on our way to the return of workplace normalcy. While this is encouraging for most, the “return to normal” can feel a bit overwhelming to others. One way to accommodate a spectrum of preferences and levels of comfortability is to host a hybrid event – where team…

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Making it easier to meet in person (again)

While it’s exciting to see and experience life returning to normal, it can also be a little intimidating doing things for the first time again – like meeting in person. Roam has intentionally made adjustments and additions to our meeting experience to ensure the highest level of safety and comfort for our guests. With our…

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A New Way to Work

The phrase “just another day at the office” has an entirely different meaning than it did six months ago. The way we work, along with everything else in our lives, has been forced to change in the midst of this global pandemic. But change creates space for ingenuity and innovation to thrive and the current…

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The Three Best and Worst Ways to Spend Your Meeting Budget

Luxury Boardroom seating 8 people in Alpharetta, Georgia

Meeting planning is no small undertaking. And if you’re responsible for planning and executing your team’s meetings, you’re also likely responsible for managing your team’s meeting budget. The stakes are high and you’re expected to make the most of the money you’ve been allocated. But it can be difficult to determine how to best spend…

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Less Is More: Three Things You Could Use Less of in Meetings

Meeting room seating up to 5 people in Atlanta, Georgia

We often hear and talk about the extra amenities that make for a great meeting experience: design-enhanced spaces to inspire innovation and creativity, complimentary technology amenities, full service catering, access to a personal meeting coordinator and more. All of these features are opportunities to inspire your team and elevate your overall meeting experience. It’s easy…

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