How Offsite Meetings Can Enhance Productivity

If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that working in a traditional office space or working from home full time is not always conducive for productivity. In fact, the pandemic has only confirmed the widespread need for a clean, safe and flexible solution where employees can meet, collaborate and connect. Meeting room rentals aim to meet the unique requirements of today’s workforce by providing affordable access to inspiring spaces, professional services and amenities that allow teams to meet and collaborate safely and productively.

Why Host a Meeting Offsite?

Offsite meeting space is a popular alternative to conventional onsite conference rooms and home offices as they are intentionally designed and equipped with comfortable furniture and innovative technology features to inspire creativity and enhance employee engagement.

There are many reasons why businesses may choose to have their staff gather offsite for a meeting. Employers with minimal real estate may find renting a meeting room to be a more comfortable and practical solution than meeting in a crowded office onsite. Some businesses do not have the budget to lease the space, services and equipment required for a successful meeting experience, making meeting room rentals a more cost-effective and efficient solution. Many meeting facilitators also find it difficult to keep employees focused and engaged when meeting onsite amidst day-to-day office activities, interruptions and distractions.

In addition to providing a creative work environment, offsite meeting room rentals at Roam focus on the health and safety of your clients and employees. We believe our spaces must meet certain standards of cleanliness to create a safe and productive environment for people to meet and work. They are designed with social distancing options, hands-free entry and sanitizing standards to help keep guests healthy and comfortable.

How Do Offsite Meetings Improve Productivity?

There are many benefits that come from meeting offsite but few are more noticeable than the boost in productivity that many professionals encounter. Here are a few ways that getting out of the office and into an offsite shared workspace can increase productivity:

1.Change of Scenery for Inspiration

It can be difficult to feel inspired when working within the same four walls every day, whether it’s at home or in a traditional office. Sometimes a simple change of scenery is all your team needs to get those creative juices flowing. An offsite meeting in an inspiring, modern space can be energizing and lead to greater innovation, collaboration and productivity.

2.Network with Experts in Your Industry

The power of professional networking is undisputable. Offsite meetings can be used to bring in industry experts and relevant speakers who can inspire your team to think outside the box when tackling a problem or brainstorming a solution.

3.Collaborate with Team Members

Offsite meeting rooms enable team members to gather in a safe and professional space to brainstorm ideas, gain new perspectives and execute projects with greater certainty. Many professionals find that offsite meetings inspire creativity and are an excellent place to garner guidance and empowerment. Observing how others overcome obstacles and working through problems as a team is crucial for the long-term success of a business.

4.Socialize with Like-Minded Professionals

Offsite meetings provide an opportunity for employees to collaborate and socialize in a spacious, comfortable environment. Building positive relationships with co-workers can directly impact employee happiness, which in turn boosts productivity and efficiency.

5.Enjoy a Fully-Functional Meeting Space

Meeting rooms at Roam accommodate groups of varying sizes and can be customized to complement any meeting format or order of events. Roam’s professional, design-enhanced spaces are equipped with everything professionals need to remain productive including ergonomic furnishings, whiteboards for brainstorming, state-of-the-art audio visual technology, high-speed Wi-Fi and access to an offsite coffee bar, catering services, and a personal meeting coordinator.

Why Choose Roam Meeting Room Rentals in Atlanta?

With sophisticated, professional workspaces and meeting rooms across Metro Atlanta, Roam provides a comprehensive solution for team meetings, corporate event rentals, officing needs and more. Roam’s meeting spaces are designed to accommodate teams of all sizes and can be personalized for specific business events and functions.

In addition to meeting space, Roam offers an efficient way to work remotely with month-to-month memberships that eliminate the constraints of high overhead costs and long-term leases. Roam provides professional workplace features that everyone can enjoy including business class Wi-Fi, onsite printing services, online meeting room booking, a full-service coffee bar and access to tasty onsite snacks and catering services. Professionals will discover a wide range of first-come, first-serve work environments that have been specifically designed to inspire and promote productivity. Plus, membership provides free, unlimited coworking access at all Roam workplaces for no additional fee and with no pre-registration requirements.

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