How to Choose the Perfect Corporate Event Venue

You’ve been tasked with planning the next corporate event for your company – an event that needs to impress, You’ve been tasked with planning the next corporate event for your company. A special event that needs to impress, stays within budget and is located close to the city. While there are numerous corporate event venues in Atlanta, Roam stands out from the rest for its multi-functional space, amenities and personalized customer service. At Roam, we make corporate events stress-free with our personal meeting coordinators to guide you through every detail. Our beautiful, modern meeting spaces and state-of-the-art amenities are designed to foster creativity and productivity.

What’s Important When Selecting a Corporate Event Venue?

Here are several factors to consider when selecting the right corporate event venue based on your specific meeting needs.

1. Size

Since the pandemic, people have varying levels of comfort when meeting in person. When choosing a corporate event venue, look for a spacious room that provides ample space for social distancing. Roam offers meeting spaces that can accommodate groups who prefer to be socially distanced and technology to further minimize risks such as hybrid virtual meeting assistance, video conferencing equipment, hands-free entry on doors, and mobile air purification systems. The safety and comfort of your employees and guests is our top priority.

2. Event Type

What type of event are you planning? A holiday party will have different needs than a team-building event. Will the event be speaker-based with one person presenting in front of the other attendees? If so, a theater-style seating arrangement may work best for your group. If the attendees need to work on laptops or take notes, choosing a layout that incorporates desks or tables is important. Classroom-style seating is best to keep attendees focused on a speaker while pod seating encourages table conversation and collaboration. Interactive events where people will be hands-on and moving around the room require more meeting space and a layout that encourages attendee engagement. Roam can accommodate a variety of corporate venue needs.

3. Technology Needs

Depending on the size of your group and type of event, you may need a hand-held microphone or lapel microphone. You may want to project a presentation using Roam’s complimentary A/V and HD display equipment or utilize our conference phones, polycoms and webcams for video conferencing remote virtual meeting attendees. Choosing a location that offers the modern amenities you need – including business-class Wi-Fi, A/V and HD display equipment, conference phones and more – is critical to ensuring your event is seamless and goes off without a hitch.

4. Communication Tools

Look for an event venue that allows you to create a space conducive to communicating and connecting. For example, if you are hosting a small group of people to discuss the company’s future, a conference room table keeps everyone within close communication and allows all voices to be heard. If you need to host a brainstorming event, a more casual, collaborative layout with plenty of whiteboards and space to interact is probably most ideal.

5. Unique and Inspiring

Whether you are hosting an event for employees, partners or clients, it is important to find a space that feels professional, modern, and inspiring. You also want to make sure the venue offers customization and personalized services to ensure every detail is taken care of. Whether you need catering services and a coffee bar to keep your guests fueled, additional space for one-on-one break-out meetings and private conversations or state-of-the-art meeting technology and equipment, Roam has you covered.

How Roam Meets Your Needs with Corporate Event Venues in Atlanta

Roam makes the entire corporate event planning process simple and stress-free with the help of our meeting planners. Your personal meeting coordinator will work alongside of you to choose the ideal corporate event space with a setup that works perfectly for your needs. They’ll take care of meals, technology and even greeting your guests as they arrive.

When you use Roam for your corporate meeting space, you can be confident knowing that your event will be executed with excellence.