Meeting Space for Teams to Innovate and Iterate

As we explained in our Introduction to Scrum Methodology article, an increasing number of forward thinking companies are choosing a more modern approach to product development. Born of the software industry, but entirely applicable to almost any business, the scrum methodology enables companies to operate much more swiftly within the constantly changing demands of consumer behavior and the highly competitive global marketplace.

Scrum is ideal for creating a consistent influx of fresh ideas to
result in new development every two to four weeks. Therefore, it’s critical for scrum teams to be made up of talented professionals with an eye toward innovation. To promote such a spirited methodology, many companies have chosen an offsite solution to train and develop their scrum team talent.

Since most traditional office settings are designed with function
and predictability in mind, inspirational meeting spaces are often an afterthought. But for agile training, they are an important part of the learning environment. In fact, certified Scrum master trainer Dave Prior says, “When doing a scrum training, it’s important to have an off-site location so that attendees can focus on the training, get away from the distractions of the office and learn in a safe and comfortable environment.”

At Roam, we believe that our workplaces inspire the same energy, inspiration and innovation that is synonymous with the scrum methodology. Not only can professionals take comfort in functional familiarities like business class wi-fi, comfortable seating arrangements, A/V equipment and whiteboards, but they can also experience an energizing atmosphere that is ideally suited for collaborative brainstorming. Whether your team is looking to host a scrum training session or if you’re wanting an offsite space to facilitate creative collaboration and iteration, Roam has a solution to fit your needs.

Comfortable and convenient meeting spaces at Roam can provide the
perfect environment for scrum training sessions and singular projects alike. Our five locations in Alpharetta, Buckhead, Dunwoody, Galleria and Perimeter Center all feature various sized meeting spaces to accommodate your needs.

Book a room for your next scrum training or project meeting today. Need more information first? Contact us anytime, and we’ll be happy to discuss our meeting spaces or coworking environment in detail. Hope to hear from you soon!