More Than a Meeting: How to deliver an experience

In today’s digital-driven world, the boundaries between work and life are quickly diminishing. Business is accomplished at all hours of the day, seven days a week and from anywhere in the world with the click of a button or tap of a screen. Our professional and private lives are converging and with that, the expectations we have for both are becoming more and more similar. We crave shared (and sharable) experiences in all aspects of life.

These cultural shifts present a particularly unique challenge for the meeting industry. Meeting and event planners are forced to become architects of engagement—designing ideal environments that produce innovation and creativity for attendees. Concerted efforts are made to steer away from dull, cookie-cutter meetings, toward more socially engaging, technologically interactive and fully customizable meeting experiences. By providing attendees with less of the mundane and more of the extraordinary, meeting planners are fostering an atmosphere that can inspire much more than mere discussions over the company’s latest budgetary restrictions.

With this in mind, we have identified the following key trends for creating an experiential atmosphere where attendees feel special, empowered and like a critical part of a uniquely driven team.

  1. State-of-the-art technology – Technology is changing the landscape in every industry. Companies are using live streaming technology to broadcast the meeting to remote attendees; dedicated apps are being used for specific meeting agendas; and artificial intelligence is bursting on to the scene as well. Chatbots are being used to interact with attendees to provide sophisticated answers to a variety of questions concerning notes, schedules, directions, and much more. Roam offers a variety of complimentary tech and A/V amenities and with our on-site staff, we ensure that everything operates seamlessly.
  2. Elevated food offerings – Is there anything more comforting than good food? Multiple culinary choices from organic, locally sourced food to gourmet chefs are being used to provide a more “palatable” meeting experience. Gone are the days of cold-cut platters and boxed lunches. Looking to provide your attendees with an interactive culinary experience? Check out Roam’s new snack offerings for customizable offerings to keep your group fueled and engaged.
  3. Inspiring environments – More and more often, companies are realizing that environments play a critical role in the success of meetings. An intentionally designed meeting space can inspire superior innovation and lead to more cutting-edge creativity. At Roam, we recognize the impact your physical environment has on meeting engagement and productivity. A personal Roam Meeting Coordinator will work alongside you to create an environment unique to your meeting or event.

Keep these three trends in mind as you craft your next meeting experience. If you’re looking to host your next meeting or event in the Atlanta area, Roam’s innovative workplace provides unique and innovative offsite solutions. From two people to 200 people, our spaces are intentionally designed to accommodate groups of all sizes that infuse the meeting experience with creativity and energy. From complimentary technology and business class Wi-Fi to elevated design services and catering, Roam’s service-oriented, all-inclusive offerings simplify the meeting planning process. Learn more about the Roam meeting experience or explore Roam’s meeting room directory to get started.