Host Your 2019 Company Holiday Party at Roam

Networking and Company Party at Atlanta Venue

It might feel like you just took down all the decorations and paid off the credit card from last holiday season, but whether you’re mentally prepared or not, the holidays are just around the corner once again. Stay calm, because there’s still plenty of time to buy the latest and greatest in toys, tech gear…

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Gather, Connect and Network at Roam

Networking Event in Atlanta at Roam Galleria

When thinking about where to host a networking event, restaurants and other tried-and-true venues immediately jump to the forefront of your mind. Truthfully, there’s nothing wrong with hosting a post-work social gathering at a trendy tapas eatery or local sports bar. Those establishments are more than suitable and offer both familiarity as well as the…

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Should You Choose a Hotel or Meeting Venue for Your Next Team Gathering?

Large meeting and facilitator in meeting venue

You’ve been charged to coordinate the details for an upcoming meeting and discover that no onsite meeting space is available. Where do you look? In past years, options were limited and the solution would have been relatively simple—hotels. But as many companies continue to decrease their corporate footprint, meeting venues and dedicated event facilities have…

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Atlanta Venue and Event Space for NFL Super Bowl LIII

Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia

Now that we are finally beginning to experience a taste of fall weather, Atlantans are in full swing preparing for the upcoming 2018 holiday season. But let us not forget that this year’s holiday celebrations will extend through February 3, 2019 as Atlanta, Georgia hosts the NFL Super Bowl LIII. The 10-day event leading up…

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Think Outside the Meeting Space: Flexible space for events of all varieties

Roam’s innovative workplaces offer environments that inspire effective brainstorming sessions and enable productive team gatherings for your business, but the space can be used for so much more. In fact, we encourage you to think of the meeting space at Roam as a blank canvas; one that is waiting to help bring your most creative…

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The Essential Components of Successful Meetings

From innovative startups to Fortune 500’s, Roam has the privilege to host a variety of meeting clients in our workspaces – and we’ve learned a thing or two from these experts along the way. Offering a collection of learnings and best practices from industry leaders, this eBook provides everything you’ll need to ensure your next…

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More Than a Meeting: How to deliver an experience

In today’s digital-driven world, the boundaries between work and life are quickly diminishing. Business is accomplished at all hours of the day, seven days a week and from anywhere in the world with the click of a button or tap of a screen. Our professional and private lives are converging and with that, the expectations…

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Atlanta, GA: Your Next Meeting Destination

What do the Braves, Coca-Cola, and MailChimp have in common? These powerhouse brands call Atlanta, Georgia home—and for good reason! The southern metropolis is home to several professional sports teams, serves as a major hub for big business and innovation and boasts over 100 acres of urban park space nestled in between skyscrapers. With all…

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5 Note Taking Strategies to Complement Your Meeting

Many meetings and business gatherings entail idea generation, brainstorming and strategizing. But how are you capturing the Eureka moments that are splendidly created and shared? Ensure your innovative ideas become more than just shared words by developing a note-taking strategy to coincide with your meeting content. From paper and sticky notes to whiteboard and digital…

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Create a Physical Environment to Further Your Meeting Objectives

Organizing a business meeting only starts with scheduling a date and ensuring everyone can attend. It is vital for companies to ensure their meetings are engaging, constructive and worthwhile. The physical workplace environment is essential to consider while planning your meeting. Whether your gathering is scheduled to last a few hours or a few days,…

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