A New Way to Work

The phrase “just another day at the office” has an entirely different meaning than it did six months ago. The way we work, along with everything else in our lives, has been forced to change in the midst of this global pandemic. But change creates space for ingenuity and innovation to thrive and the current reality we find ourselves in is no exception. Let’s take a look at a few of our former ways of doing things and the creative solutions that have been born out of a need to adapt.

Traditional Office → Work from Anywhere

Many companies and corporations are calling it quits on their long-term leases. Instead of throwing away thousands of dollars a month for unused office space, they’re giving employees the freedom to work anywhere. And, with the additional benefits of increased productivity and flexibility for employees, it’s easy to see why companies have been quick to pivot. However, the lack of team camaraderie, collaboration and personal connection with coworkers can make working in isolation a challenge.

At Roam, we’ve designed a solution for companies who want to remain engaged and connected outside of traditional office space. For organizations with 10+ people, Roam is offering a customizable corporate membership that provides access to our productive and design-enhanced environments making it easier to stay focused, productive and connected as a team. Plus, with the flexibility to work from any of our 6 convenient locations across Atlanta, employees get more time back in their day, which increases morale and productivity both personally and professionally.

To learn more about how to customize a corporate membership to fit your team’s needs, click here.

Kids in School Virtual School

Working full-time and parenting full-time is a tough job, especially when you consider new work from home norms and temporary school closures. Today’s working parent now has the added responsibility of being a babysitter and teacher in between conference calls and tasks on their own to-do list.

We believe parents should feel empowered to give their best at work and at home. That’s why we’ve been hard at work to create a solution that benefits the whole family. Roam has teamed up with Kefi, a modern family club, to design a membership with the working parent in mind. At Kefi, children from ages 0 to 12 can enjoy immersive play experiences in the safe care of qualified team members. While children are taken care of, parents benefit from the work environment at Roam for a more productive work day.

For more information about the Roam + Kefi membership, take a look here.

In-person Meetings Meetings Online

Remember when we could meet in person, no matter how many people, and effectively knock out what we needed to accomplish in no time? Over the past 6 months, meetings have switched almost entirely to platforms such as Zoom and GoToMeeting, leaving companies to figure out how to meet effectively and collaborate–virtually. While it’s been possible, the screen fatigue is starting to wear on all of us. 

Meetings may look a little different these days, but they’re still an important way to accomplish work. Roam has reimagined meetings to create socially distant environments that enable productivity and collaboration while prioritizing health and safety. From catering and room setup to sanitization stations and virtual options, we’ve taken action to ensure you and your team feel comfortable while also feeling productive and inspired!

To explore more about our new safety procedures for meetings, click here.

As things continue to change, our desire is to partner with you. We’re here when you’re ready.