The CEOs Take on Roam’s 5th Atlanta Workplace

Roam is only a few weeks away from the opening of Roam Perimeter Center. While construction projects wrap up and the creative team begins installing final finishes and decor features, the Perimeter Center team eagerly awaits the people and businesses that will breathe energy into this new innovative space. As Roam continues to prepare for the opening and impact of a 5th Atlanta workplace, here are the thoughts of Roam CEO, Peyton Day, on the potential and hope for this community-focused coworking and meeting space.

Why is the Perimeter Center location important? 

This location provides convenient access to the I-285 corridor and surrounding communities such as Brookhaven, Chamblee, Sandy Springs and Dunwoody. We believe that this location may also be attractive to folks who live in Gwinnett County. Roam Perimeter Center also will serve the medical community known as “pill hill,” which includes Northside Hospital, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and Emory St. Joseph’s Hospital. 

What excites you about the Perimeter Center workplace and its team?  

Roam Perimeter Center will be complementary to our Roam Dunwoody workplace in that we are expanding our offering of product and services (i.e. more co-working space for our membership and a wider selection of meeting room environments for Fortune 500 companies who office in North Atlanta). Roam Perimeter Center will serve mobile workers and Fortune 500s alike by providing an interesting workplace alternative to traditional corporate offices, coffee shops and home offices. I am particularly excited that Roam Perimeter Center team will be piloted by one of our finest leaders, Mark Raymond.

How do you anticipate Roam Perimeter Center investing in and serving the surrounding community? 

Roam will serve as home to over 200 small businesses and non-profits who are growing jobs in Atlanta and generously giving back to the local community. We look forward to partnering with all of these companies by bringing joy back into the workplace.

What’s your favorite feature of Perimeter Center?  

The fireplace in the lobby and the new Factory meeting room.