Meet General Manager, Mark Raymond

Mark Raymond, General Manager for Roam Perimeter Center

After growing up in Lilburn, Georgia, Mark attended the University of West Georgia and earned a degree in Business Education. After graduation, he spent 8 years working in non-profits. Mark is now back in Lilburn residing in his very own “fixer upper” with his wife and two sons. When not at Roam, Mark enjoys playing basketball, eating tacos, spending time with his family and traveling with his wife.

Congratulations on being named General Manager of Roam Perimeter Center! What excites you most about taking on this new role?

I am excited about all of the opportunities that come with opening a new location. I look forward to building and growing the business from the ground up, and creating a culture within our community of members, guests and team members.

Tell us about some of the unique features that will be at the Perimeter Center location.

The first thing members and guests will notice when they walk into the space is a fireplace in the coffee bar area. This is a first for Roam! We will also have two lounging cubbies in our coworking space that are sure to be very popular. Finally, we are introducing a new board room called the Factory. It will accommodate 16 people and have floor-to-ceiling windows.

How would you describe the Roam meeting experience? What makes it different from other meeting venues?

It starts with our design and inspiring environments. Our look is what often attracts people to the space. But then when you combine the environment with our commitment to delivering a remarkable experience, I think Roam offers a unique meeting experience that is hard to beat.

What is one goal you want to accomplish in 2017?

One of my personal goals this year is to perfect a single, signature meal for my wife. I know, it sounds ambitious. Especially when you consider that over our 6 years of marriage, I have only cooked two dishes…and neither were deemed completely edible.

Describe your perfect Saturday.

It’s the middle of October, and I start the morning on my porch with a nice breakfast and cup of coffee with the wife and kids. Then I look forward to watching a little college football in the afternoon. To wrap up the day, I head to Decatur for a nice dinner and date night with my wife at Leon’s or Brickstore (or maybe both).