How to Manage a Flexible Work Schedule

Flexible work is no longer something just for remote workers or freelancers, many traditional office environments are offering flexible schedules to their employees. Balancing a healthy work and personal life can be advantageous for many employees, but it can be for employers too. The benefits of flexible work can put you ahead of your competition…

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Roam’s response to COVID-19

Roam's response to COVID-19

As individuals, families, businesses, communities, states and nations, we are all affected by the uncertainty of COVID-19. Due to the rapid change we’re experiencing within our nation, we have all been forced to think and act differently. At Roam, we exist to be your partner, and we understand that you have a vital need to…

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The Pitch: Networking and Pitch Event at Roam

Pitch competition at Roam Alpharetta

Whether you’re discussing jobs with family and friends over a meal, meet a prospective client at a local networking event or make a new connection while on vacation, what you say about your business in the few moments you’re given is vital. Business pitches do not often require a microphone or silent audience, but they…

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Planning for Effective and Productive Meetings

Think back to Kindergarten. And yes, for some of us that might seem like decades ago (because it was). The excitement of monkey bar contests at recess, trading Little Debbie Swiss Rolls for Oreos at the lunch table and reporting a gold star on your worksheet after a long day of fighting to sit still.…

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