Today’s Post is by Member, Charlton Cunningham. Charlton is a talented, self-driven activator with a strong design background. He utilizes his knowledge of the creative process to help others implement and actualize their ideas. He is currently with Matchstic, a brand identity house in Atlanta, Ga. and is also Founder of HiveATL, a non-profit organization […]

christmas playlist

The season is finally here. It only comes once a year, so we want to soak it up while we can! If you’re feeling the Christmas spirit, but you still want to be productive, here are some festive songs that can accompany you while you work.   Check back each month for a new workplace […]


Today’s Member Post is by Jen Guynn. Jen is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Pebble Tossers, a youth development nonprofit headquartered here at Roam.   With Thanksgiving around the corner, it’s a great time to really think about gratitude. Gratitude is simply “the act of being grateful…” – i.e. Being grateful that you have […]


Today’s Staff post is by our Dunwoody Community Manager, Mollie Maner. Mollie is passionate about helping others maximize their full potential through authentic community, big-picture thinking, and personal connections.   Of all the things I hold dear in life, community is at the top of my list. Community is vital; it impacts our world views, […]

Some people question why we would include “socialize” in our mission statement at ROAM. But we know, socializing is a key component to any community. You can co-work and network all day, but sometimes it’s those moments in between that make all the difference in forging relationships and partnerships. For many companies, it’s the proverbial […]


Today’s Member Post is from Jackson Beetler. Jackson is currently the Media and Marketing Fellow for Radical Mentoring, a non-profit passionate about mentoring men. In his first job since graduating from UGA, Jackson has loved the process of exploring the working world and figuring out how to use his skills and passions to be effective […]

ROAM Buckhead

We’re excited to join the community of start-ups, entrepreneurs, and thriving businesses located in the Buckhead area. This location is right off GA-400 with convenient access to I-85. ROAM Galleria is currently under construction, and we hope to open in Spring 2015. The planned opening for Buckhead is Summer 2015. ROAM members will receive exclusive […]

location blog

Location, location, location. Any word you can repeat three times without fear of ridicule by your peers is clearly important. But I hope this title hasn’t misled you. I’m not in real estate. I’ve never purchased a house on lakefront property beside the next big thing in local development in the perfect spot for future […]

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​Today’s Staff post is from our Dunwoody General Manager, Nathan Mozingo.    I have the privilege of working a job I never want to retire from. What makes my job so fulfilling? The honor of leading a team that is hungry to serve and aggressively looking for new ways to add value for others. Seeing […]

put me in coach

Today’s Staff post is from our Meetings Coordinator, Tory Gravitt. Tory is passionate about taking the ordinary to the extraordinary and connecting big ideas to the little ones. Follow her on Twitter here.   I grew up with two older brothers who were involved in sports from an early age: baseball, football, basketball, soccer, wrestling; […]