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Today’s Member Post is from Casey Graham, Founder and CEO of The Rocket Company. You can learn more about Casey and check out his blog HERE. ____________________________________________________________________________ Do you feel like there’s too much to do?  I do.  Since creating The Rocket Company six years ago, I wake up every day feeling like I’ll never […]


FOCUS – COLLABORATE – LEARN – SOCIALIZE These are the 4 states of being at ROAM. No matter what you’re doing here, it probably falls into one of these 4 categories. Last month, we shared our FOCUS playlist to increase your productivity. This month, we give you COLLABORATE. We’ve compiled some of our favorite artist […]

Lunch Lessons Big Black

It’s not a ‘Lunch-N-Learn’ It’s a ‘Lunch Lesson.’ A Lunch Lesson is a 1-hour long, interactive, laser-focused event for a small crowd, revolved around learning and networking with individuals in a designated field. It is designed to provide an opportunity for local professionals to gain further knowledge, intentional help and local connections related to a […]

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Today’s Member Post is by Kevin Ekmark. Kevin is the CEO of Trustworkz. ____________________________________________________________________________ Are you the leader of your business? Whether you’re a one person organization or the CEO of a business with 25 employees, your personal brand matters. In the mobile Internet age, your personal branding is capable of reaching your team, your […]


Did you know, the soundtrack of your workday can change the quality of your work? In 1993, a study was conducted to find the differing effects of music as opposed to silence or relaxation instructions, designed to lower blood pressure. Researchers found that after listening to Mozart for 10 minutes, subjects scored 8-9 points higher […]


Today’s Member blog is from Stephanie Shackelford. Stephanie coaches students and professionals as they navigate getting into their dream college, choosing the best major, and finding their ideal career. She is the Founder and Director of Coaching for two coaching companies: Student Launch Pad for high school and college students, and Career Flight Plan for […]

you need a mentor

Today’s Member Post is from Daniel Kosmala. Daniel is currently the Non-Profit Director for Radical Mentoring – an organization dedicated to mentoring the next-generation of leaders. He recently published ‘Radical Husbands’ – a marriage book written by Regi Campbell, Founder of Radical Mentoring. The book can be found at  As a young leader, Daniel […]


Today’s Member Blog is from PJ Simmons. P.J. serves as the Director of Organizational Development and University Relations at Medici Project. P.J. holds a bachelor’s degree from Lee University in Cleveland, TN and with a background in service learning, P.J.’s desire is to see individuals live out a lifestyle of selfless love towards others. ____________________________________________________________________________ […]

Work + Live

July 8, 2014

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work + live

Today’s post comes from the General Manager of our Alpharetta location, Michael Kanner. Michael has been with ROAM since February of 2014. He is also the Founder of MOTIF8 – a local non-profit with a mission of inspiring a lifestyle of fitness, fellowship, and faith. Check out Motif8′s FREE, upcoming Summer events. ____________________________________________________________________________ We hear […]

hand on phone

Today’s Member post is by Roam Member, Andrew McPeak. Andrew is the Director of Worldview and Urban Missions at Medici Project, a non-profit based here in Atlanta. He graduated from Bryan College in 2011 with a Major in Liberal Arts. While in school, he was the President of SSTOP, a student-led anti-human trafficking group, and […]