Factory - flexible training room seating up to 16 with large windows at Roam Grandscape

Training Room Prepare to manufacture creative solutions and your most innovative ideas when you assemble your team for a meeting in the Factory. Exposed brick, copper piping, and floor-to-ceiling windows will keep your team engaged all meeting long. Plus, flexible seating allows you to customize the room setup to your preference. For an added element…

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Luxury training room features garage doors for a unique meeting experience in North Dallas, Texas

Training Room Wrangle your team for a productive and engaging offsite meeting in this Texas-inspired training room. Seating up to 20 people, Roadhouse can be customized with the seating style that works best for your group and meeting agenda. A retractable garage door, floor-to-ceiling windows and a whiteboard wall inspire collaboration and teamwork. Roadhouse is equipped…

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Library, speakeasy-inspired meeting space at Roam Grandscape in North Dallas, Texas

Luxury Boardroom Can you keep a secret?  Reminiscent of speakeasy times, a hidden door provides a secret entrance to this one-of-a-kind meeting space characterized by literary décor, lavish touches, and moody accent lighting. Impress your guests when you host your next team-building event or department gathering in the Library, accommodating up to 30 people. This…

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Theatre, flexible training room seating up to 36 people at Roam Grandscape in North Dallas, Texas

Training Room Inspired by the words and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, with whom we are proud to share our Atlanta roots, your next great idea may be born while meeting in the Theatre. Featuring a large soundwave installation that quotes a portion of MLK’s I Have a Dream speech, we hope you…

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Garage II

Two HD projectors, whiteboard walls and complimentary A/V are included in this spacious training room seating up to 48 people in North Dallas, Texas

Training Room Host your next company-wide meeting or department training in this spacious meeting room accommodating up to 48 people. Garage II is flexible in nature allowing you to personalize the space and experience with custom seating arrangements and Roam’s a la carte enhancement packages. Garage II is complete with a unique retractable garage door,…

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Garage I

Flexible training room for up to 40 people available for rent in North Dallas, Texas at Roam Grandscape

Training Room A retractable garage door and white brick walls create a unique and innovative environment for department gatherings, kickoff meetings, and hybrid events alike. Hosting up to 40 people, Garage I features two HD projectors and whiteboard walls to keep your attendees attentive and engaged.   Optional catering services are available. Seating Capacity U-shape: 24…

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Garage I + Garage II

North Dallas event space seating up to 106 people at Roam Grandscape

Training Room Serving as Roam Grandscape’s largest meeting space, Garage I and Garage II combine to offer a flexible training room and event space for up to 106 people. Think of this spacious meeting room as a blank slate – easily customized with your seating arrangement and enhancement packages of choice. Perfect for town halls,…

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Design meeting room for rent at Roam at Trilith

Small Meeting Room  Dream up your next product launch, marketing campaign or big idea in this thoughtfully designed meeting room accommodating up to 5 people. A round table, dry-erase board, floor-to-ceiling windows and LED screen with HD display create the ideal setting for ideation sessions and team meetings. 

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Huddle C

Huddle Room Ideal for employee reviews, check-in conversations and one-on-one coaching sessions, this meeting room provides a private, yet business casual environment for 2-person meetings.

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Huddle B

Huddle Room Complete with sliding frosted doors, an LED screen and HD display, Huddle B is a great meeting environment for client consultations, interviews and one-on-one coaching sessions.

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