The Three Best and Worst Ways to Spend Your Meeting Budget

Meeting planning is no small undertaking. And if you’re responsible for planning and executing your team’s meetings, you’re also likely responsible for managing your team’s meeting budget. The stakes are high and you’re expected to make the most of the money you’ve been allocated. But it can be difficult to determine how to best spend your meeting budget to create an enjoyable experience that facilitates engagement and productivity for your team. At Roam, we’ve gained a wealth of knowledge from the experts, professionals and corporations who utilize our meeting venue, and we’ve learned a thing or two about meeting budget best practices. As you begin planning your next department meeting, consider the three best and worst ways to spend your meeting budget.

Worst Ways to Spend your Meeting Budget

  1. TRANSPORTATION – Travel expenses are often one of the biggest line items to appear on the company expense report. But are these costs always necessary? Avoid excessive transportation fees by thinking strategically about the physical location of your offsite meeting. Ensure you select a venue that is convenient for the vast majority of attendees and doesn’t require exorbitant rates for airfare, hotels or parking.Roam has five Atlanta locations in Alpharetta, Buckhead, Dunwoody, Galleria, and Perimeter Center. If your corporate headquarters is located in the Greater Atlanta area or your team is traveling to the city of Atlanta, we have an offsite meeting solution that is likely just a quick drive or walk away. Strategically located near Atlanta’s main highways for easy commutes, many of our workplaces also offer free onsite parking and are accessible by MARTA—Atlanta’s public transit system.
  1. A LA CARTE TECHNOLOGY + A/V –Technology plays a critical role in executing a successful meeting, so opting out of these creative features is typically not an option—nor should it be! Wi-Fi, LED screens, microphones, projectors, conference phones, webcams and A/V equipment are all beneficial resources for facilitating an engaging meeting experience, however, the individual costs of a la carte amenities quickly add up to an overblown budget. Rather than paying for technology features a la carte, consider the savings and convenience of an all-inclusive meeting experience at Roam. We offer all the A/V equipment and technology your team needs to stay focused and engaged at no additional cost.
  1. FOOD AND BEVERAGE MINIMUMS – Some offsite meeting venues may require a food and beverage minimum. But if your event doesn’t require a full-scale lunch or breakfast buffet, why pay for what you don’t need? While you want to ensure your meeting attendees are fueled, focused and ready to tackle the day’s agenda, other meeting offerings might be more beneficial for the success of your gathering. Roam offers a variety of tasty catering options from our selection of preferred local vendors—no food and beverage minimum required. From healthy and flavorful bowls to delicious taco bars, your personal Roam Meeting Coordinator can work with you to craft a tasty menu accommodating a range of dietary restrictions. And if your occasion doesn’t call for catering, not a problem. Invite your team to purchase snacks and beverages from on our onsite Coffee Bar a la carte.

Best Ways to Spend your Meeting Budget

  1. ENVIRONMENT – Getting your team offsite and away from office distractions completely changes the dynamic and meeting experience.. The same old office setting can feel a little lackluster when asking your team to strategize and brainstorm. In contrast, hosting your team in an offsite environment boosts team morale, inspires creativity and enhances productivity. Host your next offsite gathering at Roam and experience the benefits of energized thinking and renewed perspectives. Roam’s design-enhanced meeting spaces are crafted to improve productivity, facilitate innovation and encourage team engagement. Browse our variety of boardrooms and flex meeting spaces accommodating up to 200 people on our Room Directory.
  1. THE ELEMENT OF SURPRISE – People love the unexpected. And while it’s not realistic to recreate Oprah’s free car giveaway, delighting your team with a t-shirt personalized notebook or warm cookie delivery keeps attendees excited, engaged and willing to put in the hard work for a successful day. Going the extra mile with a fun, cost-effective “happy” shows attendees you care and helps improve cognitive retention. It also creates a memorable and engaging experience to encourage participation. Fortunately, hosting a meeting at Roam means you have the opportunity to partner with a personal Meeting Coordinator who specializes in creating memorable moments with your budget in mind. Cast a vision for your event and allow our team to handle the details and execution.
  1. THOUGHTFUL CATERING CHOICES – If you’re hoping to facilitate a lively strategy session or engaging department gathering, it’s imperative to keep your team fueled and focused. Whether you prefer a morning coffee service and boxed lunches or a fajita bar and build your own snack experience, we’ll work with you to build a food and beverage selection that meets your budget and dietary needs. Is your mouth watering? Explore our food and beverage selections. And if you don’t see quite what you’re looking for, no problem. Your personal Roam Meeting Coordinator will work with you to create just the right menu.

Think you have a good handle on how to maximize your meeting budget? Great! Partner with our hospitality team when you book a meeting room at Roam and experience our all-inclusive approach for offsite gatherings and events. We’ll work with you and your budget to ensure your meeting is a success!