The Brief: Growth Kit #3

Is it just us or is every week starting to look the same? Whether you’re looking for ways to be proactive professionally, encouragement to start a workout routine or different ways to keep your kids engaged, keep reading for a few ideas designed with you in mind.


If you’re a small business owner, times like these can be scary. The questions about your employees, how to lead them and what next steps look like must be asked. Not only do we want to remind you that you’re not alone, but we want to help you as well.

Trusted friend of Roam, Cindi Filer, is offering complimentary 30-minute consultations to discuss any HR topic regarding your organization. As CEO of Innovative Outsourcing, Cindi has spent 30 years helping companies in the HR arena specializing in part-time talent acquisition and consulting.

Most common HR topics discussed:
– Furlough/Reduction in Pay
– How to Lead Remote Teams
– Sick Pay Requirements in Families First Act
– PPP Loan HR Implications
– Employee Engagement


Staying active is more important than ever right now! With gyms and parks closed, we have to get creative with ways to stay physically and mentally fit. Daily Burn is offering a 30-day trial for a membership with access to thousands of classes. These are workout classes that you can do from any room in your house without any equipment needed. They’ve got everything from yoga, dancing, running and everything in between. We’ve tried it out for you and believe us: this is a really good workout!


For those of you who have kids (and maybe even those who don’t), some days seem like they last forever and no number of family-friendly activities can fill the time, right? It’s time to switch it up. NASA has provided multiple materials and lessons for your kids to learn about and explore space from the comfort of your own home. With coloring pages, science projects and virtual tours, NASA has something for kids of all ages. Fun and educational – a win for everyone!