The Brief: Growth Kit #2

While establishing a new routine is important for #WFH life, we also recognize the importance of variety to switch things up and add a little diversity to the day-to-day. Our desire is to provide new opportunities for you to pursue professional, personal and physical development on your own time and at your own speed.


Ever dreamed of attending an Ivy League school? Well, here’s your chance! Yale University is offering free online classes like “The Science of Well-Being.” In this course, you will engage in different challenges designed to increase your own happiness and build more productive habits. Take advantage of the extra time on your hands and enroll in this free online course here.


Sometimes after a long day of conference calls and kids running around the house you need a little time to yourself to get your mind and body in a healthy place. Luckily, Corepower Yoga has multiple locations across the city of Atlanta and for the time being, you can access their classes online – for free! Yoga is a great way to start, end or break up your work day. Corepower Yoga provides a variety of classes for all levels of skill sets so there is something for everyone. To sign up for a class, click here!


It can be pretty difficult to stay focused while you work from home – we get it. Instead of taking a break to scroll through your Instagram feed or see what’s happening on Facebook, try playing Words With Friends. By downloading the app for free on your phone, you can boost your skills, compete against friends and have a little mid-work day fun – all while practicing good social distancing. For more information on how to play, take a look here.