Removing Stress and Complexity from the Meeting Planning Process

On any given day, there is likely a lengthy list of  to-do’s demanding your attention. Phone calls to return, emails to send, clients to visit, paperwork to complete and don’t forget, meetings to plan and attend. The fullness and complexity of the day-to-day makes it difficult to prioritize and accomplish all that’s tasked with the excellence required. And ultimately, your overcrowded plate leads to unwelcomed stress and anxiety—not exactly a recipe for success.

Organizing and planning a meeting might only be one of the many items weighing heavily on your mind. At Roam, we recognize that the meeting planning process has become overly complex and unnecessarily stressful. So in an effort to break the mold of stressful meeting planning, we’ve worked to resolve the tension by simplifying  this otherwise anxiety-filled process for our clients.

Experience the benefits of renewed energy while staying focused on your most important agenda items by allowing Roam to host your next offsite meeting. Consider the ease of use and benefits you’ll enjoy when partnering with our team.

1| Roam Responsiveness – From start to finish, we will work with you to oversee the planning process. After submitting a meeting room request online, a member of the Roam team will follow up shortly to offer availability, pricing and address any remaining questions. Once it’s time to begin planning your event, a personal Roam Meeting Coordinator will guide you through the process and help organize your meeting details including: customizable seating arrangements, technology, catering, and even assist with any special requests. Hosting your meeting at Roam means there’s no need to bother with third party vendors or worry over logistics and technology. Our onsite team is equipped and available to assist with any day-of needs or technology requests. Plus, we’ll handle setup, catering and cleanup—giving you more time to focus on what’s most important.

2| One-Stop Shopping – It can be a bit daunting to consider everything your team might need for a successful offsite meeting. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to simplify the planning process by offering an all-inclusive meeting experience at Roam. There’s no need to stress over the details. All Roam workplaces offer readily available business amenities including: complimentary technology and A/V equipment, business class Wi-Fi, whiteboards, flip charts, conference phones, webcams, podiums, microphones and plenty of tasty food and beverage options.

3| Cross-Trained Team Members –The saying goes that “even the best laid plans oft go awry.” While we aim to create a seamless offsite meeting experience, our team is readily available to assist with any day-of questions or needs. Rather than locate a designated point person or onsite contact, all Roam team members are cross-trained, equipped and eager to offer their assistance. Whether you’re having trouble with technology or have a few questions regarding the gluten-free catering options, simply locate the first Roam team member you see. They will be ready, willing and able to handle your request and get you back to your event.

With a simplified process and solution-oriented team, we’re ready to resolve the unnecessary stress and tension associated with planning an offsite meeting. Book a meeting room today at any of our five Metro Atlanta locations or contact us to learn more about the Roam meeting experience.