Maximize Productivity This Summer by Using an Offsite Meeting Space

Summertime can feel like a warm weather antithesis for productivity. It is all too easy to get carried away searching Airbnb for the perfect vacation house when a pressing deadline should have your efforts focused elsewhere. But fighting the distractions of summer is only half the battle.

While some professionals work to overcome the lack of productivity associated with working remotely others experience how distractions only seem to intensify once settled into the office.  Before even setting down your first cup of coffee, a litany of post-it notes, incoming emails, text messages and phone calls await—not to mention, the mandatory meeting on your calendar.

Considering your lengthy to-do list, meeting in the onsite conference room seems like the obvious solution for maximized productivity. With no need to worry over finding your car keys and navigating to a different location, everyone can simply walk a few steps away from their desk to gather for the team meeting. But it’s often the same appealing convenience that interferes with your meeting’s success.

Upon arrival, you take a seat at the same table, in the same conference room, with the same uninspiring walls and fluorescent lighting as your previous 15 meetings. With your office only a few feet away, it’s difficult not to think about incoming emails and all that’s waiting for you upon completion of the meeting. Once you’re finally able to focus, it’s likely time for a brief bathroom or coffee break.

Work doesn’t cease just because you’re pulled away for a meeting. So inevitably you run into a colleague in the hallway who fills you in on all that’s happened over the last hour and a half. That’s when a “quick” break can easily turn into a 30-45 minute intermission. Teammates are pulled into side conversations, missed calls are returned and managers connect with direct reports to ensure the morning’s tasks are successfully completed. Not to mention side talk of vacation plans, weekend golf and the upcoming company outing.

Finally, you corral everyone back to the conference room, but with only a door standing between your meeting and the rest of the office, unexpected interruptions, client “emergencies” and office happenings are bound to creep in on your meetings overall productivity. Even with the most skilled facilitator, it’s difficult to retain the focus of a team and complete all pertinent agenda items, when the group remains within earshot and reach of distracting work updates.

Unproductive meetings are not only an inefficient use of your employees’ time, but the work produced by unmotivated and distracted team members is often mediocre at best. While onsite meetings are often planned with the best intentions, teams often perform at peak capacity when removed from their everyday office environment. The desire to equip teams to accomplish their best work has sparked many professionals to consider coworking environments as an ideal offsite meeting solution.

Offsite meetings in a technology-equipped and creatively designed coworking space can provide the break everyone needs from office distractions and corporate overkill. The result is maximized productivity and a reinvigorated team spirit.

Overall, getting away from the office and taking your team offsite can provide a summertime surplus of benefits:

  • Optimized focus and productivity in a distraction-free environment
  • Enhanced innovation and creativity amongst team members when working in a fresh and energizing workspace
  • Save valuable time by accomplishing more work in shorter meetings without the worry of technology setup, catering or post-event clean up
  • Stress-free meeting experience with a personal meeting coordinator, onsite team to assist with day-of needs and all-inclusive business amenities including: Wi-Fi, whiteboards, A/V equipment, microphone and podium for presentations, full-service catering offerings and more
  • Clean, comfortable and convenient location to accomplish your best work

Break free from unproductive and distraction-laden onsite meetings and experience a new kind of work day at Roam Innovative Workplace. Design-enhanced meeting rooms, hospitality-focused teams and a stress-free planning process are devised to create an easy and energizing offsite meeting experience for gatherings of 2 to 200. Contact us today to learn more or book a room at any of Roam’s five Metro Atlanta workplaces to begin planning your next offsite meeting today. Whether your team is facing summertime distractions or unproductive office meetings, re-imagine your team gatherings and maximize productivity by taking your team offsite to meet at Roam.