Lead with Purpose


The world is searching for leaders. Leaders worth following. It’s the team players, vision casters and culture champions who are Powered by Purpose. Not for the sake of a framed mission statement to hang on an office wall, but for the purpose of uniting their teams to achieve something greater. From C-level execs to small business owners, leaders who are powered by purpose produce successful (and meaningful) results by leading with intentionality, building a sustainable culture, establishing a worthy vision and empowering their people to play to their strengths. If we, as leaders, strive to grow in knowledge and skill, we strengthen our collective ability to impact the world for the good of all.

With this in mind, Roam invites you to join us for a live broadcast of Leadercast, the largest one-day leadership event in the world, at Roam Galleria on May 5, 2017 from 9am to 3:30pm. Hear from top leaders who will discuss purpose and how it defines us, drives us and empowers us. Prepare to walk away equipped with practical tools and best practices that will help shape you into a leader worth following.

Not sure if this experience is right for you? If you’re passionate about intentionally leveraging your team to accomplish something bigger than yourself, discovering your personal purpose or re-connecting to your company’s “why,” then this is one event you can’t pass up! Come and make new connections within Roam’s community or bring your team for a day of leadership development. However you choose to utilize this event, we feel confident you’ll leave empowered by a renewed sense of purpose.

If you plan to join us, be sure to register here on our events page!