Best of Both Worlds: Offices + Coworking

Offices as we know them have changed drastically over the years. They use to be a building or floor where people were required to go every day during the same hours. Offices housed everything you needed in order to get your job done while providing space for your team to meet and collaborate. Recently, things have shifted and the concept of an office has been redefined. Shared workspaces have been on the rise and continue to change the way people approach work. With greater flexibility, more opportunities for collaboration and a chance to be more cost-efficient, the benefits of coworking spaces have been highly impactful on businesses worldwide. While different, both options have proved beneficial.

With a private office, you get a home base for your team. It serves as a place to call your own where you can store files and monitors, come and go as you please and lock the door when you’re ready to call it a day. When you need a quiet place for heads-down work without interruption, you know you’ve always got your office. If you need a place for your team to check in on a daily basis, they’ll always know where to go. An office gives you the opportunity to customize a space for exactly what your team needs, but overtime it can become a little mundane working from the same unchanging environment.

With a membership to a coworking space, you and your team can experience the perks of flexibility. A Roam membership allows access to multiple locations and enables you to come and go from workplaces whenever it works best for you. You can book conference rooms for team collaboration, client meetings or phone calls. Coworking space gives you the opportunity to meet people in different industries, learn from those within your own industry and gain a sense of community. Your team has a place to work, but won’t feel tied down to just one desk. The overhead costs of utilities and Wi-Fi are taken care of and you don’t have to worry about the daily maintenance and care of a brick and mortar store. The ability to experience a change of scenery on a daily basis gives you a boost of creativity, an increase in productivity and challenges you to think differently.

Both offices and coworking spaces have worked for teams across industries, so why should you have to choose just one? With Roam, you can experience the best of both worlds. When you lease an office at Roam, you get all the benefits of a dedicated office with the perks and monthly amenities of membership. You get a place to call yours without sacrificing flexibility. You’ll have an office that’s always available for you and your team, but you can also reserve a private meeting room using your monthly hours if you want to switch things up. Give your team the options they crave in a coworking space while having the security you need in an office. If you’re interested in learning more, we’d love to have you in for a tour to show you around our space. With the opening of our 6th Atlanta workplace on March 30, 2020, we’ve got plenty of room for you to grow and scale your business. We can’t wait to have you move in!