5 Key Benefits—and Differentiators—Among Coworking Spaces

Coworking table and coworking booths at Roam Perimeter Center

In 2017, the number of coworking professionals around the globe surpassed one million.* Considering that these shared office spaces have only been around since the early 2000s, the annual growth has been tremendous. If you’ve never given coworking a try, you might be wondering: what’s the big deal? Whether they’re freelancers, small startups or execs…

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5 Productivity Killers at Work—And How to Fix Them

2 wood coworking booths at Roam Buckhead

Whether you work from home, cowork in a shared space or commute to your company’s corporate office, your physical work environment has an impact on your productivity and job satisfaction. Learn a few tricks for tweaking your surroundings so you can start this year with a happier, healthier outlook. 1| Go Natural When you’re surrounded…

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Learning Doesn’t Always Require Failure

White wall and blue ladder at Roam Innovative Workplace

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve encountered “Fail Fast, Fail Often.” From startups to corporate America, the concept has gained enormous popularity in recent years. Taken out of context, however, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Don’t let “Fail Fast, Fail Often” serve as an excuse for sloppy business operations – whether it’s in manufacturing, marketing, customer…

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5 Ways to Thrive During the Holidays

Have you ever come out of the holidays feeling like you let everyone down, including yourself? That’s no way to start the new year. Read on for tips to help you thrive – personally and professionally – this holiday season. Get ready to turn last year’s exhaustion into this year’s exhilaration. 1| Don’t overcommit. It’s…

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Get Off the Sidelines During Your Annual Review

White Detail Wall at Roam Perimeter Center

It’s easy to think of your annual review as a passive experience. You could just sit there and nod while your boss lists your shortcomings or assigns you with new goals for the coming year. Hopefully not! Even if your boss conducts a decent annual review, it’s up to you to own both your career…

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Freedom from the Feedback Frenzy

For many employees, The Annual Review is quickly approaching. Don’t dread it. Instead, prepare for it. You can only control your side on the receiving end, so get ready to make the most of it. To prepare for constructive criticism, we can learn from Sheila Heen. She’s a lecturer at Harvard Law School, a partner…

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Put Some Hustle Into Your Meetings

Have you already instituted a weekly meeting-free day? That’s right, one day every week where meetings aren’t allowed. Either way, you’re bound to still have meetings throughout the rest of the week. It’s worth the effort to make those remaining meetings more enjoyable and productive. Get ready to hustle. It’s time to amp up meetings!…

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Making the Most of Your Meeting-Free Workdays

Employees seem to be drowning in meetings (and email) these days. Too many people are invited, nothing gets accomplished, it never starts on time and it’s disorganized. These are just a few of the most common issues with meetings in today’s workplace. Meeting-free workdays have emerged as one solution that some workers and companies are…

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The Value of Good Legal Counsel

An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure   When you’re trying to launch your business, taking the time to involve a lawyer might feel like a big cost. Sometimes it’s difficult to see what the benefit is for the business. Before you keep rushing forward with your startup, hit the pause button.…

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Protecting Your Personal Finances from Your New Business

Important Do’s and Don’ts from a Legal Perspective   When you’re focused on getting your business off the ground, you may be unintentionally putting your personal and professional assets at risk. Luckily for business owners, there are several easy and affordable solutions to set you on the right path. Learn more about these important aspects…

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