How to Brighten the Holidays for Your Team & Clients

Christmas tree lights and silver ball ornament

Our team has been doing a lot of traveling for work this past season, and I just looked up from the summer to realize it was already Thanksgiving. If you’re anything like us, you may be craving a season of rest, family and holiday lights. Maybe it’s because my husband and I work together, or…

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5 Ways to “Make Space for Excellence”

Just the thought of it is appealing: Space. Thinking of creating “more space” in your worklife may provoke dreams of no work at all, or a vacation, or sitting at a cafe with a nice cup of tea while you plug away on your laptop. There can be time for all of those things, yet it’s easy to make space during…

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15 Best Practices for Marketing in 2017

Note: Some can also be used as a guide for hiking the Swiss Alps Marketing is not only fun but effective, when you follow a few straightforward tips along the trail.  These best practices have a tried-and-true track record, and will help your team not only think through strategy but the details of implementation, which…

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