Meet the TeamThe squad


Zach Smith

General Manager

Prior to working for Roam, Zach worked as a correctional officer for two years.

Ellie McAlpin

Community Manager

Her Name, Eleanor Drake, means “light dragon.”

Candice Hall

Brand Ambassador

Candice absolutely refuses to wear white socks.

Josh Kelly

Assistant General Manager

Josh was born in New Mexico and lived there for the first 6 months of his life.

Katie Swinford

Director of Corporate Sales

Katie is incredibly competitive. Whatever she is doing, you better believe she came to win!


Chad Turner

General Manager

Chad can relate any situation in life back to The Office.

Lee Behr

Brand Ambassador

Lee drew much attention to a celebrity trying to fly under the radar. While working in retail, she forgot to take the censor off of a jacket purchased by Kate Winslet. OOPS.

Courtney Vann

Director of Corporate Sales

Courtney was in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade when she was 17 years old.


Nathan Mozingo

Director of New Development

Nathan spent the night here at Roam Dunwoody with members and employees during the Snowpocalypse of 2014.

Brandon Hall

General Manager

Brandon was in the US Air National Guard for 2 years as a Air Structural Maintenance Technician.

Shannon Mahoney

Community Manager

Shannon walked the Camino de Santiago from St. Jean Pied de Port, France to Santiago de Compostela, Spain (500 miles!) in the Summer of 2016.

Lauren Young

Brand Ambassador

Lauren lived in the south of France for a summer in high school, in a town called Aix-en-Provence.

Yvonne Hill

Director of Corporate Sales

Yvonne’s favorite store is Trader Joe’s. She loves to shop for groceries there... especially dark chocolate!

Emory Williams

Operations Lead

Emory received a college scholarship for cheerleading.


Corey Wardell

General Manager

In his free time, Corey enjoys spearfishing with his dad in Florida.

Taylor Gray

Assistant General Manager

Taylor spent a gap year living in Sweden for independent religious studies.

Beth Summers

Director of Corporate Sales

Beth was a ballet and tap dancer for 25 years.

Molly Adams

Community Manager + Meeting Coordinator

I bungee jumped into the Nile River when I was in Uganda for the summer!


Mark Raymond

General Manager

Mark pitched a no-hitter in Pee Wee Baseball. Once.

Yvonne Hill

Director of Corporate Sales

Yvonne’s favorite store is Trader Joe’s. She loves to shop for groceries there... especially dark chocolate!

Mary London Goshert

Community Manager

Mary London and her husband are both twins.


Chad Kimberlin

Director of Operations

Chad is most likely to be seen wearing a Patagonia vest... regardless of the season.

Blake Shubert

Senior Director of People & Culture

In the same trip, Blake jumped off an iceberg into ice cold water and ran away from a brown bear. And is still living to tell about it!

Jessica Bernardo

Director of Product

Jessica has been to 43 states and is working on visiting all 50!

Elle Snyder

Director of Business & IT Systems

At age 5, Elle wanted to be Pocahontas so she only did closed mouth smiles for 6 months.

McCauley Williamson

Director of Marketing

McCauley eats a piece of dark chocolate every night before going to bed.

Juan Flores

Facilities Manager

When Juan and his wife were dating, she accidentally ran over his foot with a car.

Mollie Maner

Talent Engagement & Recruitment Associate

Mollie has met Cam Newton three times. Each time was on accident.

Morgan Burns

Marketing Associate

Morgan became a published poet with her 4th grade work: "Snowflakes, Snowflakes."

McKenzie Strawn

Meeting Coordinator

McKenzie collects matchbooks. Her favorite one is from the Marlton Hotel in NYC.

Alex Roberts

Creative Partner

Alex was his high school’s mascot- the Sequoyah Chief. (And was obviously voted Most Spirited!)

Millie Welsh

Leadership Development + Training Partner

Millie’s former job included travel to China, Thailand, Belarus, Germany, Spain, Bahamas, Bermuda, Mexico and most of the cool cities in the US.