Meet the TeamThe squad


Zach Smith

General Manager

Prior to working for Roam, Zach worked as a correctional officer for two years.

Emory Williams

Assistant General Manager

Emory has visited 9 NFL stadiums and is on track to visit all 32.

Katie Goldberg

Community Manager + Meeting Coordinator

When Katie was five, she ate seven bananas in an hour and wound up in the hospital.

Micalah Abrahamson

Hospitality Assistant

Micalah is currently on a journey to compete in every Tough Mudder location offered in the United States.

Esther Yu


Esther loves spicy food. She puts Tabasco on almost everything she eats as long as it’s not dessert!


Bret Briggs

General Manager

Bret and four friends once ate over 500 shrimp at Red Lobster’s “All You Can Eat" shrimp night.

Courtney Vann

Director of Corporate Sales

Courtney was in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade when she was 17 years old.

Caitlin Mead

Community Manager

Caitlin was born in Stockholm, Sweden. However she is 100% not Swedish.

Nathalie Matthews

Inside Sales Associate

Nathalie played church basketball for 7 years and never made a basket.


Chad Turner

General Manager

Chad can relate any situation in life back to The Office.

Josh Kelly

Assistant General Manager

Josh kayaked in a Guatemalan lake between two active volcanoes.

Katie Swinford

Director of Corporate Sales

Katie and her dad performed a lip sync battle at her wedding in lieu of a traditional father-daughter dance. It's still TBD who the real winner was.

Patrick Mangan

Operations Lead

In the championship round of his 6th grade spelling bee, Patrick added a "z" to the end of "seriously" so he wouldn't have to stay after school.

Mary Anna Tillery

Community Manager

Mary Anna rode an elephant in Thailand when she was 9 years old.

Ashley Tripp

Hospitality Assistant

Ashley performed in the New Year's Day Parade in Paris, France her sophomore and junior year of high school.


Ryan King

General Manager

Ryan played the big bad wolf in his preschool performance of “The Three Little Pigs." He cried when he realized that he was the bad guy.

Beth Summers

Director of Corporate Sales

Beth was a ballet and tap dancer for 25 years.

Ashley Dixon

Community Manager + Meeting Coordinator

Ashley can pretty much fall asleep anywhere at anytime, but she is not a narcoleptic.

Trey Powers

Operations Lead

Trey has a minor in Arabic!

Sarah Sandler


One summer, Sarah lived in California where she worked at a summer camp and backpacked across some of the most beautiful national parks.

Michael Marshall

Hospitality Assistant

Michael is a worship pastor at a local church.

Cody Oliver

Hospitality Assistant


Taylor Gray

General Manager

Taylor spent a gap year living in Sweden for independent religious studies.

Katie Swinford

Director of Corporate Sales

Katie and her dad performed a lip sync battle at her wedding in lieu of a traditional father-daughter dance. It's still TBD who the real winner was.

Mary London Goshert

Community Manager

Mary London and her husband are both twins.

Joseph Fitton

Operations Lead

Whenever Joseph gets home, he has to put his slippers on to actually feel like he’s at home.

Katelyn Borek

Hospitality Assistant

When Katelyn was in high school she rowed on a crew out of the 1996 Atlanta Olympic venue.

Maranda Corry

Hospitality Assistant

Maranda was a featured dancer in a Motorola commercial that aired only in South Korea.

Rob Shackelford

Hospitality Assistant

If you play a top 40’s song from the early 2000s, Rob will know it.


Chad Kimberlin

Senior Director of Operations

Chad is most likely to be seen wearing a Patagonia vest... regardless of the season.

McCauley Williamson

Director of Brand + Marketing

McCauley eats a piece of dark chocolate every night before going to bed.

Mark Raymond

Director of People + Culture

Mark pitched a no-hitter in Pee Wee Baseball. Once.

Nathan Mozingo

Director of New Development

Nathan spent the night here at Roam Dunwoody with members and employees during the Snowpocalypse of 2014.

Josh Colsson

Finance Manager

Josh once won a dance-off contest dressed as Where’s Waldo.

Juan Flores

Facilities Manager

When Juan and his wife were dating, she accidentally ran over his foot with a car.

Mollie Maner

Talent + Recruiting Manager

In first grade, Mollie co-founded "The Giggle Girls Club" - very exclusive.

Morgan Burns

Marketing Manager

Morgan became a published poet with her 4th grade work: "Snowflakes, Snowflakes."

McKenzie Price

Meeting Coordinator

McKenzie collects matchbooks. Her favorite one is from the Marlton Hotel in NYC.

Millie Welsh

Leadership Development + Training Partner

Millie’s former job included travel to China, Thailand, Belarus, Germany, Spain, Bahamas, Bermuda, Mexico and most of the cool cities in the US.