Modesty Evans

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Born in Anderson, SC, Modesty received her BA in Psychology from Winthrop University.  She worked in mental health for 3 ½ years, before moving to Atlanta, GA to pursue working in Business Development for the travel industry.  After 7 ½ years, another switch came that led her to operations management with Craneware. 

Modesty is a lover of food and music, and enjoys playing the piano, spending time with friends and family and strolling the city.

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Craneware is the market leader in software and supporting services that help healthcare providers improve margins, so they can invest in quality patient outcomes.  My role is to ensure the smooth operations at both our U.S. offices.  As the primary point of contact, I’m also known as the “firefighter.”  A typical workday may consist of completing the following:  orientation of new hires, scheduling/planning meetings on and off-site, budget planning, tradeshow prep, provide executive support to C-level managers, overseeing corporate travel program, expense reporting, T&E compliance, contract negotiating, promoting Craneware Cares initiatives as Social Chair, financial transactions, coordinating team building events, facility work orders and navigating information flow among departments.

2. What is the most challenging aspect of your role?

The thing that keeps me on my toes is the ability to access the multiple needs of everyone and produce their desired results.  Being the main point of contact presents a lot of issues simultaneously.  I have to be able to prioritize requests and still deliver to all in a timely fashion.

3. In your opinion, what’s the key to a successful meeting or training session?

The key component to having a successful meeting or training session would definitely have to be organization.  When one is truly organized they can better prepare for the expected and unexpected events that may occur.

4. How does Roam help your company achieve their off-site meeting goals?

Roam has become my go-to for all off-site meetings.  From start to finish, checking for space availability to providing the final receipt, Roam leaves nothing undone.  They take the hassle out of all the planning.  I feel 100% confident that when I send a group to Roam for a meeting or training session, the Buckhead team will provide them with the best customer service possible.  Their ability to setup all meeting spaces, provide food and beverage service and help with the unexpected print request is done with pure professionalism and a smile.

5. What is your favorite activity to do in Atlanta?

I am a true foodie at heart.  My favorite thing to do in Atlanta whether it’s a slow weekend or I’m hosting family and friends is to try out different cuisines and restaurants.  Whether it’s the well-known place in the area or the hole in the wall that hasn’t been discovered, you name it, and I’ll try it!