Chris Davis

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Chris is a native of Atlanta and has three sisters. He and his siblings all played collegiate sports so they thank their parents for the athletic genes. Chris attended Duke University for his undergraduate education where he also served as captain of the football team. He is currently in his first year of business school at Emory University and has been with the SpeedTracs team for 5 years.

SpeedTracs is dedicated to helping motivate teams through competition training events. We know that performance is intensely improved through competition. SpeedTracs manages and executes “Challenges” that will not only drive your team’s performance but also produce the results you need!

Visit the SpeedTracs website for more information.

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At SpeedTracs we have the unique opportunity to introduce high school athletes to college scholarship and financial aid opportunities. As a former high school and collegiate athlete, I love that I have the opportunity to help expose high school athletes to different avenues that will help them receive a college education.

2. What’s the most valuable lesson you learned from your time as a college athlete that has impacted your career today?

The most valuable lesson I learned as a college athlete is how to handle adversity. Prior to college, I was fortunate to play on teams that won many games and always competed for championships. Unfortunately, my college team was not as successful, but as the captain of the team I still had to face the fans, media and peers on campus. Learning to handle the adversity associated with losing games while being one of the spokesmen for the team helped develop a key characteristic of leadership that I have used in my career – a great leader is not afraid of failure. Learning to handle the adversity of defeat/failure has taught me to lead my team towards success, and if we do face adversity I am able to help us adapt and overcome.

3. You recently started grad school at Emory. How do you manage your time between SpeedTracs and grad school?

I have accepted the fact that this is a temporary time in my life where I will not have much free time, and I am grateful to have the support of my family, friends and SpeedTracs. This support allows me to speak up when I need to leave early or arrive later due to a school engagement. I have learned to be more efficient during my time at the office because I cannot always dedicate those extra hours in the evening to catch up on work if I have school requirements.

4. How has Roam impacted your life and career? Roam has become my one-stop shop. I get to Roam around 9am most mornings and dedicate my business hours to SpeedTracs. Prior to 6pm, I grab a snack or coffee from the café and head to the back for the after-hours space Roam provides. Some evenings I’ll spend another three to four hours in a meeting room working on a school assignment or preparing for a test. Roam has definitely provided convenience that I would not receive from the typical business office.

5. What’s one thing you’d like to check off of your bucket list? My dad was a pilot in the Army, and I was obsessed with helicopters as a kid. He flew a UH-1, a.k.a. the Huey. I was certain I’d be a helicopter pilot before I fell in love with the game of football. If I could take a ride in a Huey that would be pretty cool![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]