Build Your Meeting Experience

Elevated packages designed to create an

exceptional experience for each guest and client.

With every meeting or event you book at Roam, you receive more than a just an empty space. From start to finish, Roam team members partner with you to plan and execute every detail of your event. Tech amenities, business class Wi-Fi, whiteboard walls and markers--even set up and clean up, are all included in the room rate so that you can focus more on your meeting and less on the details. Now that you know what's included, select one or both of the following packages to create an elevated experience for your team or guests.

Collaborate Package $50 / PACKAGE

Traveling from out of town or not interested in packing supplies? With this package, all of your administrative needs are taken care of. We'll provide everything behind the scenes in order for your meeting to run seamlessly. No need to sweat the small things!

With this package you receive:

  • Roam branded notepads
  • Roam branded pens
  • Sharpie markers
  • Assortment of Post-it Notes
  • Flipchart + easel with markers
  • 50 black & white copies
Meeting enhancement package available at Roam

Make Work Matter Package $25 / PERSON

If you've got a meeting full of executives or clients you need to impress, this package is for you. From supplies to your dining experience, every detail of your meeting will be elevated.

With this package you receive:

  • Elevated coffee service
  • Roam branded pens
  • "Make Work Matter" notebook
  • Bottled San Pellegrino
  • Glassware
  • Fresh floral arrangement provided by JJ's Flower Shop, a local flower boutique
Meeting enhancement package available at Roam

Ready to enhance your meeting experience?

If you're interested in adding one or both of these packages to your upcoming meeting at Roam, please contact your Roam Meeting Coordinator or send us a message at