Workspace Solutions Designed for Scalability

Generating a successful business idea is just the first step on the path to entrepreneurship and building a business. From raising capital and hiring a team to creating systems and developing a marketing strategy, there are many details to consider when establishing and growing a company.

The complexity of these factors and their associated costs can feel overwhelming when you consider the rising price of office space and utilities. Not to mention, investing in the office furnishings, equipment and supplies needed to actually fill the space and facilitate productive and efficient operations. Time that could be devoted to growing your business is spent office shopping, collecting estimates and making pro/con lists to decide if an office is worth the investment and upkeep. It’s these details that often distract from the goals and growth of your business.

Even after entrepreneurs and small business owners are able to find an office space and hit their operational stride, they may not be working in an ideal environment that offers the support, creativity and energy needed to press on and stay engaged. Large office buildings are home to a unique collection of companies and professionals, but the tendency to operate in silos can create a lonely workplace lacking engagement and collaboration with other like-minded people. You may see a familiar face from time to time in the building halls, but without an established way to gather, learning from one another and developing mutually beneficial relationships is difficult.

Lacking community support and worrying over an investment in office space that could put your company in the red is a difficult way to start down the entrepreneurial road.

Roam offers a flexible workplace solution that aims to relieve the stress and growing pains experienced by many entrepreneurs. We believe finding a workplace for you and your team shouldn’t come at the risk of losing community or useful marketing dollars. Gain an immediate community of invested members and access to five Metro Atlanta workplaces at a month-to-month rate your wallet will appreciate when you sign up for a Roam coworking membership.

Starting at $139/month, experience heightened productivity and focus in inspiring environments designed to accommodate a variety of professionals and workstyles. Whether you’re looking to collaborate with other members or seclude for an afternoon of heads down work, Roam’s coworking spaces and meeting rooms offer a solution for every work day need.

Multiple locations across Atlanta allow members to experience the energizing freedom of working flexibly and conveniently – no longer tied to a specific building or office cubicle. As a full-service workplace solution, Roam offers business class Wi-Fi, mailboxes, printing services and more, while also actively caring for the community building needs of its members. Monthly member events for social engagement combined with a virtual network and member directory facilitate professional connections, partnerships and collaborations. This network of professionals and entrepreneurs all growing and thriving within a single community contributes to an engaging and inspiring work environment.

Come join our coworking community and experience a more flexible and energized work day with five full-service Atlanta workplaces.

Drop by for a tour at one of Roam’s Metro Atlanta workplaces or visit our coworking page for more details regarding our intentionally crafted membership packages.