What to Expect from Coworking: Myth vs. Reality

More and more startups, freelancers and corporations are realizing the many benefits of a coworking membership. They’ve cast aside the misconceptions that opposed the coworking concept and are forging ahead with this new iteration of the modern workplace. But not everyone has embraced the idea of coworking and many still struggle to understand its benefits. That’s why we’re taking the time to debunk a few of the myths and misconceptions about coworking in hopes that you too will discover the value of this workplace solution.


MYTH: Coworking spaces are loud, open warehouses full of young millennials who would rather socialize than be productive.

REALITY: There are certainly a number of young professionals who frequent coworking spaces—approximately 28 percent according to this infographic by Raconteur. According to that same infographic, however, you’ll notice a much larger number of coworkers—60 percent—are aged 30-49. So, whether the coworkers are recent grads working for a startup or workforce veterans, one thing is for sure—both are working towards accomplishing dreams and goals alongside a community of other likeminded professionals.

While we can’t speak for all coworking spaces, at Roam we are intentional about building workplaces specifically designed with productivity in mind. Whether your workday demands a quiet spot to focus or a space for easy collaboration with colleagues and clients, we offer a variety of environments to accommodate your unique work style.

And, what’s a workday without caffeine? Most coworking spaces provide plenty of caffeinated beverages to kickstart those creative juices. Roam proudly brews Counter Culture Coffee at our workplaces, so you don’t ever have to worry about interfering with your workflow to make a coffee run. And if coffee isn’t your thing, you can get a variety of other beverages (and snacks) at the Roam Coffee Bar to ensure you stay fueled and focused.


MYTH: Coworking spaces are expensive.

REALITY: Typically, coworking spaces operate with monthly membership subscriptions that can range in price and amenities. If you’re considering a coworking membership, take a minute to read about how to evaluate the various options and amenities of coworking spaces to find the offering that best fits your needs. Starting at just $139 per month, a Roam membership provides an affordable (and inspiring) alternative to home offices and coffee shops. Plus, all memberships include access to all five Atlanta-area workplaces, business class Wi-Fi, on-site Coffee Bar and more.


MYTH: Coworking spaces are distracting.

REALITY: Coworking spaces offer a flexibility that few alternative workplace settings can provide. As previously mentioned, we’ve all experienced the frustrations of trying to work from home or a coffee shop when there are constant distractions. Even a corporate office can be equally troublesome with constant interruptions and the stress of office politics.

Professionals in the coworking space at Roam have the ability to set-up in a private booth and put their head down to crank out some serious innovation. Or, they can saddle up in a more collaborative setting with others to share ideas, support creativity and network effectively. Distractions are actually minimized when you have the ability to find a space that encourages your best work.


Ready to give coworking a try? Learn more about the coworking offerings at Roam or stop by any of our five Atlanta-area workplaces for a tour. We hope to see you soon!