Value-charged Communication

Everyone knows that in order to sell, you have to be an effective communicator. But if wordsmithing isn’t in your skillset, a sales pitch can come off feeling robotic and impersonal, or like a slick $19.99 infomercial.

So what gives? Communicate in a way that conveys value.

Today’s consumers are savvy shoppers- they are constantly researching products and services. Almost instinctively, their minds are working quickly to weigh the perceived value against the asking price. In a recent Harvard Business Review article, Eric Almquist writes about the power of leveraging the value hierarchy he presents in order to increase customer loyalty and sustained revenue growth. The article, entitled The Elements of Value, explores the concept of consumer values and how the 30 identified values play a significant role in buying habits. “Products and services deliver fundamental elements of value that address four kinds of needs: functional, emotional, life changing, and social impact,” says Almquist.

By speaking to these elements of value in your sales pitches, emails and marketing collateral, you can break through the noise with a message that resonates with your target audience in a meaningful way. Make it a goal to incorporate two or three of these elements as you outline your product or service’s value proposition. And, be sure to take note of which values your customer responds to and continue to tailor and adapt messaging to encompass those elements.

Communication that delivers value is necessary in order to convert sales and drive loyalty in a competitive marketplace. Consider how your business can benefit from value-charged messaging and put it into practice- there’s no better time than the present!