Together We Grow – Announcing Roam’s 5th Atlanta Workplace

Growth. It allows us to expand our reach, increase our impact and pursue uncharted territories. As we have shared on Instagram this week (@meetatroam), the stories of growth within our invested community are intricately intertwined. From the members working within our spaces to the designers crafting our statement woodwork pieces, each individual story of growth has bettered Roam and our community at large.

TOGETHER WE have dreamed, served, inspired and impacted. TOGETHER WE have grown. TOGETHER WE continue to grow.

And knowing the impact a single story of growth can have within the Roam community, it is with great excitement that we announce our next big step – Roam’s newest chapter of growth – with the opening of our fifth Atlanta workplace at
Roam Perimeter in Fall 2017. Will you grow with us? #GrowWithRoam