The Power of Rest

In the midst of adversity, how do you find the strength and energy to press on? It can be a daunting road to live up to the expectation that perseverance means relentlessly giving everything you have until you see positive change. But is that healthy? Or even feasible?

In order to press on with excellence, it’s important that we recognize our limits. But even more so than that, it’s necessary that we establish boundaries to safeguard our sanity and protect our physical well-being. Somehow we have convinced ourselves that the only way to persist through hard times is to work harder. In reality, no one accomplishes their best work when they are running on empty. While it may seem counterintuitive, sometimes we need to power off in order to press on. It can be difficult to train yourself to adopt this type of behavior, especially when we live in a culture that constantly demands more of us.

To be frank, it takes work to rest.

Learning to truly rest may not happen overnight, but here are 3 ways to jump start your much needed recharge.

Take a digital detox

You likely clock copious amounts of screen-time. Between email, Facebook, texts, Instagram, blogs, Twitter and Netflix, most of us are wasting countless hours every week trying to keep up with the digital rat race. Instead, try setting a goal to take a “no screens” day every week. Replace screen-time with time exploring new ways to actively rest. After all, rest doesn’t have to mean total solitude or sleeping the day away.

Consider these:

  • Cooking
  • Exercising and physical activity
  • Finding a new hobby
  • Volunteering
  • Spending quality time with friends and family

Plan a vacation

You’re likely aware that millions of Americans let vacation days go unused each year, so remedy that in advance. Be intentional to block off vacation days in advance before your schedule fills up. A vacation doesn’t have to involve Hartsfield-Jackson, even a staycation is beneficial. Take a trip to the High Museum or explore a new Atlanta neighborhood you don’t typically visit. No matter how far you “escape,” pulling away from the daily grind is a sure fire way to re-energize body, mind and spirit.

Read a book

While we can’t always physically escape, books offer us the ability to mentally escape. Regardless of the genre, studies show that reading is able to reduce stress by up to 68 percent. And not to mention, reading’s ability to increase brain function, sharpen your memory, improve empathy and ensure a restful night’s sleep.

In the midst of work responsibilities, summer yard projects and busy family schedules, we hope you find time to rest. So power off and seize opportunities that energize you to press on. And if you’ve got any good personal tips, please share them with us on Network!