The Brief: Growth Kit #5

Slowly but surely, things are getting back to a new normal. Some people are beginning to talk about going back to work while others are continuing with their work from home routines. Regardless of where you find yourself on the spectrum, here are a few ways to continue taking care of yourself.


If you’re new in your career or looking for additional development opportunities, this complimentary course from Coursera might be the perfect next step for you: Adapting- Career Development Specialization. In this course you’ll learn how to evaluate career management issues and design a career path that fits your personality, personal values, interests and skills. The course is completely online and can be completed on your own time. Why not give it a try?


We’ve found your new running partner! With Nike Run Club, you can track your runs, receive personalized coaching and invite your friends to join in on the fun. If you’re not a runner and looking for a place to start, the Nike Run Club offers simple and easy guided runs for beginners. If you consider yourself a more experienced runner, Nike Run Club motivates you to run longer distances at a faster pace. Let’s see what you’ve got!


In light of shelter in place orders and social distancing, how are you managing the extra time on your hands? In this short podcast, two productivity experts talk about how we can best spend our time. And since it’s only 30 minutes long, it’s a great listen for your afternoon walk around the neighborhood or when you’re preparing dinner. Let’s make the saying “If I had more time, I could get everything done” a thing of the past.