Network: Launching a Redefined Virtual Community

Today’s culture has diluted the word community to the extent that it’s meaning is frequently mistaken. Join our growing community. Be a part of our community. Experience what our community has to offer. While we do hope that you’ll both join and experience Roam’s community of professionals, our vision is much deeper than these alluring taglines. Like we’ve said before, Roam seeks to create community-focused environments both physically and virtually. And today with the launch of Roam Network, we are adding another layer to our existing community in a way that allows members to connect and collaborate virtually.


In a previous Roam blog, member Nathan Artt said it well: “Community allows us an opportunity to be a part of the lives of the people around us, to engage with them on personal and professional levels, and therefore, add value to their life.” In life, we’re constantly shown that we can’t do it alone. Whether personally or professionally, we need community, and Roam Network is here to help you build that community by connecting with other members. Our platform is specifically designed to simplify the process of establishing thriving connections so that you can build a more successful professional network.


Roam represents hundreds of companies in over 20 different industries. Using Network, you can connect with familiar companies or discover new businesses by browsing through our industry-specific Member Directory. Connections established on Network easily translate into organic business partnerships. Whether you’re looking to collaborate with other members in your industry or searching for services outside your sphere of expertise, Roam Network is now the starting point.


Collaborating is meant to help, not hinder, your desired outcome. While there are some exceptions, I couldn’t agree more. Reflect on a time when collaboration was present and a time when it was absent. If I had to guess, the success of your work increased while collaborating. Through collaboration with others, you gain additional perspectives you would have otherwise lacked. Leverage this platform as a forum to receive insightful guidance from other experienced professionals as you launch new ventures.

Our desire is to see a community built on more than just a shared physical workspace. It’s time for this community to begin connecting and collaborating online, and it starts with Roam Network.

We look forward to watching how community is redefined through the use of this new platform. If you’re a member, explore Network now. Or if you’re interested in becoming a part of our community, take a look at our membership offerings.