Meet Meeting Coordinator, Molly Adams

Molly Adams, Roam Meeting Coordinator

Molly Adams is from Marietta, Georgia and graduated from Auburn University (war eagle, always!). After college, Molly worked at Carolina Point, a Young Life camp, in Brevard, North Carolina where she enjoyed some of her favorite things: hiking, biking, and waking up to the beautiful mountains every day. She loves to cook and bake, and enjoys anything that involves being active outdoors – hiking, running, walking and wakeboarding. Molly’s favorite sport is baseball (the new Braves stadium is a bonus!) and her favorite place to spend the weekend is at her lake house!

Tell us about your new role and responsibilities as Roam Galleria’s Meeting Coordinator.

My role as Roam Galleria’s Meeting Coordinator is to ensure that your meeting runs as smoothly and seamlessly as possible. I will work with you from the beginning to understand the purpose of your meeting, understand your needs and coordinate all of the details needed to ensure your meeting runs as smoothly as possible. Everything from the catering down to the room set-up, we want to make this as easy as possible for you. And hopefully we can work together to uniquely personalize your meeting and make your time at Roam a wonderful experience!

What aspect of your role are you most looking forward to?

I most look forward to building relationships with Roam’s meeting clients and helping to craft their meeting experience with ideas and suggestions during the planning process. I am excited to discover each client’s needs and find the best way to meet them! 

As you begin partnering with Roam’s meeting clients, how do you hope to craft productive and fun meeting experiences?

I am most excited about getting to know each meeting client individually and to personalize their meetings for them. I want to make the experience unique for their team. My hope is that I will be able to create a productive environment for the meeting and dissipate one less worry from their mind.

What has been your favorite experience at Roam thus far?

I have really loved feeling like I have a part and hand in running a business. I enjoy the opportunity to watch meetings be executed with excellence.

Describe your perfect Saturday in Atlanta.

My perfect Saturday in Atlanta would be going to a Barre3 class, walking to brunch afterwards, going on some sort of hike/walk with friends (I have to go outside of the city for a hike) and then going out for pizza at either Fellinis or Antico!