Meet General Manager, Chad Turner

Headshot of Chad Turner, General Manager at Roam Buckhead

Chad Turner is a husband, father, son, brother and friend who is passionate about overcoming challenges and inspiring others. While in college, Chad honed his leadership skills both on the baseball field and in his study of business management. Upon graduation, he began a career in leadership development with college students at The University of Georgia.

In early 2015, his passion for development, team-building and the pursuit of purposeful work collided with the booming coworking industry. Chad currently acts as the General Manager of Roam Dunwoody.

What about Roam’s start-up culture was appealing to you when you considered joining the team?

Plain and simple- the autonomy and the opportunity to be a part of building something. It provides the opportunity to overcome challenges and develop a larger skill set without being so specialized. I thrive in environments where there are many challenges on a day to day to basis. And startups specifically have a unique set of challenges for different areas of the business that require innovative thinking. I knew I would be stretched intellectually and love the constant change.

How are you able to live out your values and passions at Roam?

Roam aligns with my theology of work. I am passionate about creating flourishing cultures where people can become the best versions of themselves. I am passionate about stewardship of both time and resources, which is a responsibility I have been given as GM. I have a heart for developing young people to find their place in the workplace, helping them mature with personal and professional development.

At Roam, we value the significance of impact. How do you see Roam impacting communities in the years to come?

Our vision says it best: We exist to renew and inspire the way the world does business. To do that, we must create moments that matter. The workforce in this digital age is more connectED than ever yet fewer people are connectING. We strive to curate inspiring environments where people can experience their best work in community with others. 

Roam’s General Managers are charged with creating and developing high-performing team cultures that consistently deliver the Roam hospitality experience. What’s your favorite part of the job?

I love seeing people surprise themselves! Often, we have a hard time discovering our own potential; therefore, we must rely on others to call it out in us. A line from our manifesto describes this perfectly. We are an invested community; believing the best in each other, wanting the best for each other and expecting the best from each other. When trust is built in a team, we experience the freedom to be our authentic self instead of settling for self-preservation. My favorite part of being on this team is seeing people use their time here as a laboratory for personal and professional development. 

What traits do you think would make someone a successful team member at Roam?

Humility, drive, self-awareness and a desire to serve others.  

Once you hit year five at Roam and receive your travel reward, where are you headed?

Europe for a month!  

You’re on a road trip and you have 5 dollars to spend on a snack at a gas station- what do you get?

$5!! Wow, I could eat a ton. I would start out with the usual ranch and BBQ sunflower seeds, a pack of gum, Swedish fish and a Reese’s.