Meet Community Manager, Mary London Goshert

Headshot of Mary London Goshert, Community Manager at Roam Perimeter CenterBorn and raised in the poultry capital of the world, Gainesville, Georgia, Mary London (yep, a double first name) grew up in a big family and shares a spot with her twin brother. She moved to Birmingham, Alabama to study Journalism at Samford University. After four quick years, Mary London moved to Kenya, East Africa where she worked with a non-profit for over two years. While working for the same non-profit, she met her husband, Cody. When Mary London is not at Roam, you can find her on the patio of any Mexican restaurant, on the lake, at Piedmont Park, or really anywhere outdoors and where the sun is shining!

What do you value most about your role as Community Manager?

Honestly, it’s really hard to choose because I value so much about my role as Community Manager! If I had to choose one thing it would be the fact that I have the opportunity to be the first impression for guests and members as they walk through the door. It’s something I take seriously! Regardless of what kind of day they are having or what’s going on in their life, I have the honor to meet them exactly where they are, give them a warm welcome, assure them they are exactly where they need to be, offer them a coffee and escort them back to their meeting room. It’s something so small that goes a long way.

You recently won our quarterly Hospitality in Action award – congrats! Why do you think practicing hospitality is so important?

From my personal experience, I’ve learned that practicing hospitality is the easiest way to make people feel important, valued and loved. It’s as simple as that. I’m reading The Power of Moments by Chip and Dan Heath (Great read. I highly recommended!) and in the first chapter they explain, “What’s indisputable is that when we assess our experiences, we don’t average our minute-by-minute sensations. Rather, we tend to remember flagship moments: the peaks, the pits and the transitions.” With that being said, I believe that practicing hospitality gives us the opportunity to create a “peak moment” for everyone who walks into Roam. My hope is that regardless if their meeting went well, they nailed their interview or met their deadline, people who experience Roam would look back on their day and remember that one moment. That moment when they were greeted with their favorite latte and breakfast because someone cared and loved them enough to remember that it was an important day for them. Creating hospitable moments like that is the easiest way to remind people how loved they are. And at the end of the day, that’s all anyone wants, right?

How do you describe Roam’s culture to your friends? 

I usually start off by saying that I’m convinced Roam has the most unique culture in the world. It’s a culture where the most important thing is always people. It’s a culture where those around you truly believe the best in you even when you don’t believe it for yourself. It’s a culture filled with hard work, friendship and tons of laughter. It’s a culture where my team knows what I need before I even know what I need. It’s a culture where you’re nurtured and taken care of but also challenged and pushed outside of your comfort zone. It’s a culture where you’re depended on, trusted and valued. It’s a culture where you’re reminded of what’s important and constantly encouraged to work, live and love with that in mind. It’s a culture that spurs me on to be the best version of myself I can be.

At Roam, we believe that trust is foundational for healthy teams. How do you see trust lived out in your team?

The way I see trust lived out in my team is one of my favorite things about working at Roam. There are lots of moving parts on any given day at Roam. We are constantly working together as a team to deliver the best experience we can to our guests and members. There is no doubt in my mind that while I’m doing my role, I can trust that my team is taking care of what they’re supposed to.  Even when I mess up, my team is quick to trust first – without assumptions, expectations or criticism, which gives me the confidence to be who I am and do my job without fear of letting my team down. It’s so rare and so healthy. And I’m so thankful.

When you leave work each day, what does your ideal evening look like? 

First thing’s first: Orangetheory Fitness. I’m completely obsessed, so I usually go straight from work to an OTF class. From there, my husband and I would walk the Beltline to dinner on the patio at Superica. Then, we would head back to our place to meet friends for drinks and dessert on our quaint Midtown porch. We’d end the night by binge watching The Office and fall asleep no later than 10:30PM. Dream life.

You’re hosting a dinner party, and have four open seats at the table. Which four celebrities would you invite to join you?

Okay, I know these aren’t actual celebrities, but I would for sure invite Pam & Jim Halpert (from The Office, duh) as well as Joey Tribbiani and Rachel Green from Friends. If I’m being honest, they genuinely feel like my best friends so I think it would be a really fun dinner.