Location, Location, Location!

Location, location, location.

Any word you can repeat three times without fear of ridicule by your peers is clearly important.

But I hope this title hasn’t misled you.

I’m not in real estate. I’ve never purchased a house on lakefront property beside the next big thing in local development in the perfect spot for future investments. I’ve never bought a house at all. (I just bought a bed).

But you don’t have to be in real estate to know that location is KEY.

The prime real estate I’m referring to is the location of your people on the list of your priorities as a leader.

At Roam, our mission is ‘Invested Community.’ That can never be about us. If our mission is going to succeed, we have to spend more time, money, and energy on the people who attend our events and work in our space. We have to ensure that every detail, schedule, catering, event, meeting, and opportunity is planned in such a way that enables our people to encounter both community collaboration.

You see, the people we serve are greater than the cause we lead. The people always trump the movement.

Without actually crafting community for our members, our mission statement is just words. If we don’t connect with our community where they are, our beautiful space will just be filled with cool design and selfish, egotistical, wannabe leaders seeking out success at the expense of other people. If we aren’t making leaders feel valued, connected, and inspired then what’s the purpose of what we do in the first place?

You could ask yourself or your organization the same question. If your app idea is really awesome, but you neglect to see if people actually need it, what’s the point? If your business has all the money it needs to be successful but ignores the people it could potentially serve, it’s useless.

For Roam, we must consistently and intentionally craft ‘invested community.’ It’s not about the beautiful space or the details or the events or the social media or the meet-ups or the parties. It’s about you.

We are about you.

So if you need a glimmer of hope in the midst of failed endeavors or broken dreams, we have a community of people building an ‘invested community’ ready to rally around you. We are your friends, your partners, and your teammates.