Leveraging Partnerships to Build Brand Awareness

When it comes to getting the word out about your business, you’ve likely thought through the common go-to’s: branding, marketing, social media and PR.

But what about collaboration and partnerships? Although they deviate from the more traditional streams of marketing, they have been proven to skyrocket a business, too.

In a nutshell, collaboration and partnerships are a way to receive brand publicity without necessarily pitching traditional media, or scheduling a digital strategy around a campaign. Collaboration can be worked into a campaign, but in my experience, partnerships feel more organic and grassroots. You lean more on human connection and gut than analytical strategy.

Intrigued? Here are 4 ways to leverage partnerships to build brand awareness:

1 | Guest Blogs

Where does your audience live online? What websites are they reading? Think about ways to add value and share your expertise, and make a list of the online digital communities that your audiences frequent. Research and study those websites, and send a note to the editor or blogger with a pitch idea, outlining how the content (that you’re providing for FREE) will serve their audience. Craft a quality piece, full of videos and images, tips and tricks and work in an email list sign-up towards the end of the post (if approved by the outlet).

Guest blogging can be a great way to not only build brand awareness but also add to your email list.

2 | Speaking Engagements (and Podcasts!)

Got a favorite conference? Better yet, got a conference where your target audience flocks? Sign up for their emails, learn the brand, and pay attention to requests for conference speakers. Conferences, even the unpaid ones, are a fantastic way to add value to your target audience for free. Which of course, builds that trifecta know-like-trust factor we all need to harness.

Podcasts count, too! Subscribe to your favorites, listen to about five then pitch the podcast host for an upcoming interview.

3 | Joint Workshops

Ever considered how can you can teach your audience? According to experts, online learning is a market that will continue to grow 2017. So how can you shepherd and nurture your target audience with a joint workshop? Find some brands in a similar space or industry, and think through what you can teach that will point to your offerings. A joint workshop can be online, like a virtual summit, or in-person, where tickets are sold to a live workshop.

4 | Trading Services

I’ve had one financial strategist tell me to never give anything away for free. Then I had another tell me to trade all day long as long as it’s mutually beneficial. Thus, I trade.

Whether it’s a new website build-out, a virtual assistant, videography services or anything else I can’t do, I’m not afraid to pitch my services for trade. Be sure you get a detailed contract and agreement signed by both parties on the books. Trades can be a great way to benefit your business.

Editor’s Note: Knowing where to start may not be as obvious as the benefits when it comes to establishing partnerships. While a good Google search can put you in the right direction, filtering 50 million+ results can be a little overwhelming. So before taking to Google, start within your immediate network. If you’re a Roam member, explore Marketplace and the Member Directory for potential collaboration opportunities or plan a time to meet with the Experience Associate at your home Roam location. Starting local and fully leveraging the resources within the Roam community eases the process for solidifying partnerships and raising brand awareness. And whether it’s guest blog content or a co-hosted workshop in the Forum, we look forward to the success stories resulting from Roam-established partnerships.