How to Pitch a Coworking Membership to Your Boss

As you may already know, the evolution of the global economy has greatly impacted the way we all work. Technology has given rise to an abundant presence of freelancers and independent contractors seeking a better place to create, innovate and collaborate. Thus, the need for coworking spaces emerged. Since then, countless startups, small businesses and even a growing number of enterprise-level organizations have seen the intrinsic value of a coworking membership. Unfortunately, not all businesses have embraced the benefits just yet.

If you’re working at a corporation that hasn’t explored the option of coworking as an employee benefit, we’d like to help. Consider the following talking points when pitching the idea of a coworking membership to your boss.


It’s hard to remain at peak productivity when reporting to the same uninspiring office space every day. Coworking spaces are designed with exactly the fresh perspective a corporate employee needs to kickstart their innovative mindset.

Increased productivity is a no-brainer if you’re already working remotely from home. Most research shows that the lines between working from a home office and home-life get increasingly blurred over time. Whereas, according to a recent collaborative study by Deskmag and Deskwanted, 74% of people report being more productive in a coworking space than a home office environment.


Coworking spaces naturally facilitate networking opportunities. It can be challenging to spread the word about a great product or service from within the walls of a cubicle. But in a collaborative working space filled with other like-minded professionals from various industries, the possibilities for growing brand awareness are immense. This can be a huge selling point to leverage in negotiations with a progressive thinking manager looking to gain a reputation as a difference maker in a big corporation.


Understandably, most managers don’t want to hear a constant lament about commute times, but that doesn’t make it any less real. Long commutes in heavy traffic congestion seriously affect team morale. An alternate work site may be just the thing to spark someone’s outlook on their career and reinvigorate their passion for the organization they work for. Also, consider the benefits of having an alternate meeting location. Some clients may dread the commute to a company’s HQ for a meeting just as much as the employees dread it when showing up to work every day. By offering a second location for meetings, companies can show just how thorough they are in addressing the wants and needs of their clients.

If all else fails, try suggesting a trial run with your boss. Plant the idea to purchase a coworking membership for six months, and if they don’t see increased productivity, more brand awareness and a happier employee, they can always discontinue the service. Of course, we all know how unlikely that is to happen.

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