How to Explain Coworking in 140 Characters or Less

The concept of coworking has come a long way since its origination in the Mission District of San Francisco in the early 2000s. Once seen as a niche offering for a small market of freelancers and entrepreneurs, coworking has evolved into an ideal solution that supports an increased level of focus, innovation and community among startups and corporations as well. These hubs of innovation and creativity don’t seem to be going anywhere as they continue to pop up across the United States at an industry growth rate of over 24 percent.

Despite coworking’s growing popularity, it can still be difficult to articulate the nuances of this relatively new concept to those who are unfamiliar. Especially when you consider the short attention span of today’s social media driven society.

Until November 2017, Twitter users were given a mere 140 characters to send a message on the social platform. The brevity of this communication style is what attracted many to the platform, but sharing the depth and complex value of an industry like coworking in such an abbreviated fashion seems challenging. Embracing the old adage less is more, here is the Roam spin on describing coworking in less than 140 characters.


Shared office space for professionals to connect, grow & collaborate. Coworking fosters a community of support for people of all skills, backgrounds & industries.


Not just a place to work, but a place to gather. Environments uniquely designed to inspire your best ideas for both experienced professionals & young entrepreneurs.


A space to work independently or collaboratively alongside other like-minded professionals in a fun, engaging and productive environment.


The ideal office space to create and innovate in a collaborative setting for both startups & corporations, millennials & baby boomers, freelancers & entrepreneurs.


All the business amenities & benefits of traditional offices without high overhead & uninspiring cubicles. Coworking offers freedom, creativity & flexibility.


Coworking offers a place to accomplish your best work, share ideas, and join an invested community pursuing something greater- to impact our world for the good of all.


As you can see, coworking is such a dynamic concept that 140 characters is enough to get some points across, but certainly not all of them. Fortunately, Twitter has recognized this limitation and doubled the character limit of their tweets to 280 characters. To accurately describe coworking, we might need all 280:


From startups to Fortune 500s, coworking provides a flexible & scalable workspace solution that fosters productivity & innovation. Crafted environments offer inspiring settings to accomplish your best work as you join an invested community of like-minded people working together to impact our world for the good of all.


Any word count seems restricting when you consider the unique variety of benefits that coworking offers to professionals and corporations across industries. But the challenge to consolidate Roam’s explanation of coworking is beneficial for our team as we are forced to determine what we believe are the most valuable coworking characteristics. Have any ideas or input on how we could improve our Twitter-approved description of coworking? Follow us on Twitter at @meetatroam and let us know how you would describe coworking in 140 or 280 characters. We’d love to hear your thoughts!