How to Earn Brand Loyalty

Perhaps a by-product of today’s fast-paced world is the lack of time for not-so-stellar brand messages and stories. Instead, the brands who are earning our loyalty present messaging that digs past external problems and taps into solving our deeper, psychological needs. Those companies understand that in order to be successful they must be surrounded by invested brand champions like you and me.

Why cast a vision and story that taps into your audience’s deeper needs?

Nowadays, businesses who leverage storytelling merit the truest opportunity to whisper to their tribes. A good story grows trust, authentically amplifies strengths and builds brand momentum. Simply put, purchase power is a way of saying “when your story aligns with my worldview, we have something to discuss.”

Take a look at these examples:

  • SquareSpace gives permission for creative entrepreneurs to delve into their passions.
  • Nike deems that “if you have a body, you are an athlete.”
  • Coca-Cola tells that twisting a top puts us one step closer to tasting happiness.
  • The Optimist restaurant whisks Atlantans off of traffic-logged highways and into a New England mini-vacation and dining experience.
  • Fitbit promised a model for an achievable healthy lifestyle that resulted in a generation obsessed with counting steps.

Powerful stories trigger an action and an investment.

As you seek to develop messaging that will create similar momentum for your own product or service, give your audience the sensory opportunity to feel, see and experience your brand through website design, curated photography, product packaging and vision-driven copy. And intentionally look for ways to speak to the innate part of humanity that wants to make a difference through brand relationships and lifestyle decisions rather than transactional purchases.

In a market that’s crowded with empty sales pitches and mixed messaging, consumers can’t handle more noise. So put down your megaphone and focus your efforts on crafting a vision that gives purpose to your business and unites your community of brand champions.