How to Bring Your Best Self to Work and at Home

Healthy work-life balance is a concept that has changed considerably over the last decade. In previous years, creating such a harmonious existence simply meant putting in an honest day of work, and then returning home to enjoy a family dinner with post-meal time to read a book or play with the kids. However, as more professionals make the shift to working from home,  this idyllic scenario has become much more complicated.

Today, many professionals enjoy the freedom of working from home where they can set their own schedules, avoid wasted commute time, prioritize tasks, and close up shop when they feel the time is right. It sounds like a professional utopia, but that notion is often said to be a misnomer by the people who actually live it.

Most remote professionals report a serious dysfunction takes place when they get either too engaged with work to enjoy their personal life or conversely, too distracted with household happenings to get any serious work done. The resulting effect is often a diminished quality of life, both professionally and personally.

A sad reality of the work from home dynamic is that most people struggle to establish healthy boundaries between their professional and personal lives. The million-dollar question then becomes…

How do you stay at your best, professionally and personally, when you live and work in the same environment?

Sadly, the lines between office time and personal time get quite blurry in a home office environment. In one way, it can be challenging to know when to step away from business emails, texts and phone calls to enjoy some downtime. It can be equally challenging, however, to determine when it’s time to stop binge-watching Netflix or doing household chores and get back to work.

Realistically, the best solution to separate your professional life from your personal life is by substituting working from home for the flexibility and convenience of a coworking membership.

The distractions of a home office are eliminated when you’re seated amongst other like-minded professionals in an inspiring and energizing coworking space. Away from the barking dog, playing children and overly full laundry hamper, you’re able to accomplish more and better work during the hours you spend in front of your laptop screen.  When the time is right to pack up your things and head home, personal time becomes profoundly more enjoyable because you know that you’ve already had a productive work day and accomplished everything on the to-do list.

Roam’s five Metro Atlanta workplaces offer everything you need to be your best self at work and ultimately, your best self at home. Our multi-functional, shared workspaces are intentionally designed to inspire creativity and innovation while also providing environments to collaborate, network and socialize—as desired, of course. In short, coworking at Roam is a focus-driven, friendly and all-inclusive professional experience that’s difficult for a home office to rival. Join the coworking movement today and experience the benefits of a healthy work-life balance.