Five Reasons Why Coworking is Better Than a Coffee Shop

Before reading any further, we’d like to set the record straight: At Roam, we have nothing against coffee. In fact, we like it so much that our logo incorporates a coffee stain and each of our 5 Atlanta workplaces offers a full-service coffee bar brewing Counter Culture Coffee. But as much as we love exploring local Atlanta coffee spots, we can’t ignore the reality that coffee shops are not an ideal environment for conducting business. Our recommendation? Save coffee shop visits for leisurely Saturdays and explore the benefits of working in a professional and innovative coworking space—here are five reasons why.


The coffee shop environment is unpredictable. On any given day, you could arrive with laptop in-hand and ready to work, only to realize there are no available seats. Or, the only seats left might not have outlets nearby when your electronics need a little recharge. To make matters even more interesting, a family of five might decide that sharing a communal table with you would be the perfect spot for their family gathering. While coffee shops are designed around the brewing of coffee, serving of baked goods and fluid movement of people, coworking spaces are engineered with people and productive work days in mind. Coworking Spaces are built to enhance productivity and focus with the understanding that many professionals need a comfortable and energizing spot to spend 4 to 8 hours working through their daily to-do list—rather than a quick 30-minute coffee break in between errands.


Coworking spaces offer the flexibility to choose a quiet and comfortable seat for concentrated focus or a spot at the coffee bar where you can brainstorm and collaborate with other like-minded professionals. At a Starbucks, you’ll experience the energy of people, but also the distractions and noise that come from the revolving door nature of coffee shops. On occasion, you may encounter a business professional, but the setting isn’t conducive for exchanging thoughts and ideas.


When visiting a coffee shop, have you ever avoided going to the restroom for fear of leaving your laptop unguarded? Coworking spaces require a membership for entry and are filled with freelancers, entrepreneurs and corporate employees who are all there for the same reason—to accomplish their best work. Feel free to step away from your equipment for as long as you need to. It will still be there when you get back.


It’s difficult to host a serious meeting at a coffee shop. There’s simply too much going on around you that can distract from the important conversation at hand. In contrast, coworking locations feature meeting rooms that offer an inviting and private space for important conversations. Technology features, whiteboard walls and LED screens are included and offer a productive and confidential environment that will impress your clients and enhance your brand image.


The community at a coffee shop is fine if you want to discuss the newest eatery to enter the Atlanta restaurant scene. But if business-oriented networking is your goal, the friendly and professional atmosphere of a coworking space will be a better fit. From organic conversations at the coffee bar to monthly member events and networking socials, coworking spaces are intentional to build connections and invested community.

We understand if coffee is a mandatory part of your workday—it is for us too. But rather than bother with the distractions of a coffee shop, we invite you to visit the Roam location nearest you to experience the benefits of coworking. No commitment necessary. Purchase a Day Pass for $20 and give our workplace a try. With five Greater Atlanta area workplaces and a barista ready to craft your favorite caffeinated beverage, enjoy a cup of coffee with your productive and energizing workday.