Designing, Developing And Executing Your 2015 Content Marketing Plan

2015 is in full swing, and if you have not yet defined your marketing goals and outlined your marketing activities for the year, it’s time to get it together!

These 4 articles will help you plan, organize and execute your content and inbound marketing strategy for 2015.

1. Content Marketing Institute gives you ideas and resources to up your marketing game plan in 2015

“I know what you’re thinking: “How can it already be 2015? I wanted some time to plan, but I’m still trying to catch up with all the industry advances, changes, and opportunities that came rocketing at me in 2014.”

This article by Content Marketing Institute (CMI) is better described as a library of all of the things you’ll need to put together and execute an effective marketing strategy in 2015 for your organization. Here’s what the article covers:

  • Strategy
  • Teams and processes
  • Content creation
  • Visual content and design
  • Performance and measurement
  • Content distribution and promotion

2. HubSpot shows you how to evaluate your 2015 goals, look at your current marketing activities, and then “close the gap”

“As you begin to build out a solid list of specific marketing goals you may begin to have that “Uh-Oh” moment.”

In this article, HubSpot takes a simple approach to planning for 2015: know what you want to accomplish, evaluate what you’re currently doing, modify your activities to get you where you want to go. Simple in theory, more difficult to execute. Lucky for you, HubSpot walks you through the process to get you from where you are to where you want to be in 2015.

3. Jeff Bullas gives a list of ideas that can help propel your 2015 marketing performance

“The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

If you are reading this article, you are likely a step ahead of the competition by staying sharp in news and trends in the online marketing field.”

Jeff Bullas knows his stuff, and in this article he shares 15 activities that are at the forefront of digital marketing, to consider in 2015. Some of these ideas are newer (like re-marketing on Facebook), and some are older (like creating content for Youtube). All of the ideas should at least be considered, and hopefully there are a few you haven’t thought of yet.

4. Search Engine Journal gives 5 steps to creating your 2015 marketing strategy

“Be open to the changes your business needs to continue growing.”

This article by Justin McGill, published on Search Engine Journal, does a great job at breaking down the process of developing a marketing plan for 2015 into five steps. These are big, take-your-time-so-you-dont-eff-up-2015, type of steps. Yet they are doable. The article takes you through these five steps:

  1. Setting business goals / Reviewing your digital marketing plan from 2014
  2. Creating micro goals / Improving your digital marketing plan from 2014
  3. Choosing the right tools to help you along the way
  4. Refining your marketing plan
  5. Finalizing your marketing plan and rolling it out

BOOM! There you have it. Everything you need to put together a bad ass marketing plan for 2015 so that you meet and exceed the goals you have for the year. I 100% guarantee WITHOUT A DOUBT that if you read these articles and do the activities and heed the advice, 2015 will be a different year for you than 2014!

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