Dedicated Office Space + Coworking: Flexibility at its finest

Flexibility—in many ways—is the key to a successful business. It allows creative minds to innovate solutions to age-old problems. Flexibility encourages open-mindedness to ensure critical business decisions don’t come to a standstill. Furthermore, it enables today’s on-the-go business owners, independent contractors and freelance professionals to maintain an agile and adaptive work style, which is crucial for their business growth and success.

At Roam, we think flexibility is about more than just a state of mind; it’s also about environment. We have intentionally designed our workspace to accommodate a range of needs—that’s why we offer access to dedicated office space for added privacy and convenience to complement our inspiring and collaborative coworking environment. This combination provides unmatched flexibility for today’s professional who can’t be bogged down with the constraints typically associated with more traditional (and far stuffier) office settings.

Every day is different

Of course, every day is different in today’s globally competitive marketplace, and the coworking space at Roam is designed with that understanding. Some days call for a more relaxed atmosphere where you might appreciate the ability to engage in collaborative conversations other like-minded professionals. For those occasions, we recommend sitting at a table or booth in the coworking space, or for an even more relaxed atmosphere, take a seat at the coffee bar.

The value of dedicated office space

Other days, however, you need to shut the door, open the laptop and not look up until the sun goes down. That’s just the way business goes sometimes. For that scenario, one of our dedicated offices is exactly what you need. These private spaces are blank slates of opportunity, waiting for innovative minds to create the next great product, service or solution inside their doors. If that isn’t enough to inspire you, our dedicated offices also provide the following benefits to help you accomplish your best work:

  • Come and go as you please with 24/7 access.
  • Float between the coworking area and your dedicated office whenever you like.
  • Bring in clients and team members for brainstorming sessions and meetings whenever needed.
  • Decorate and design your office however you’d like. At the end of the day, lock it up to protect whatever artwork for the walls and other assets you might leave behind.
  • Ignore the utility bills because they’re all included in the fixed-cost.
  • Sign a 12-month agreement that includes unlimited access for up to three team members.
  • Dedicated office agreements come with 20 meeting room hours and 25 guest passes per month.
  • Several business amenities are included such as a printer, scanner, and business-class Wi-Fi, among other business essentials.

About the only things missing are a private helipad and a continental breakfast upon arrival. Although, we are in the hospitality business, so you never know what might be in store for the future…

Where to find us

Why bind yourself to a long-term lease or makeshift office when you can experience the flexibility of Roam’s dedicated offices? With five locations in the metro Atlanta area, Roam is here to help enhance your productivity by equipping you with the tools you need to successfully run your business. Contact us today for more information on how one of these locations can provide the unmatched flexibility you need in your office setting.