Coworking “Works” for Introverts and Extroverts

On one end of the personality spectrum exists the extrovert—the type of person who thrives in social settings. In fact, they enjoy the company of others far more than being alone and tend to have an infectious zeal for the human spirit.

On the other end lies the introvert, who prefers comfort to chaos. The introvert appreciates a quiet place to sit with their thoughts and recharge their batteries without interruption.

Which personality type do you more closely align with, and which one do you suspect is more likely to appreciate the advantages of a coworking environment?

Coworking spaces are often considered more ideal for extroverted professionals. Networking and collaboration are reasons we frequently hear when people describe what they love about coworking—which also happen to be terms that accurately depict the typical behavior pattern of the extrovert.

However, other descriptions of a coworking membership include words like focus and productivity. Interestingly enough, those are also traits that often reflect the personality of an introvert.

In that case, would it be fair to conclude that coworking is an ideal working environment for both introverts and extroverts? Our research tells us that the answer may be affirmative.


The 2018 Global Coworking Survey conducted by Deskmag shows a rather remarkable balance between extrovert and introvert coworking memberships around the world, with the largest percentage of respondents declaring as ambiverts—people who share characteristics from both sides of the personality spectrum. Overall the percentages of coworking memberships broke down in the following manner:

  • 47% ambivert
  • 30% extrovert
  • 22% introvert

It appears that extroverts have a slight majority in the coworking population, but it’s not nearly as differentiated as public opinion would suggest. This unfolds the notion that any professional, regardless of personality type can reap the rewards of a coworking membership.


At Roam, we believe in designing workplaces to support various workstyles. Whether extrovert or introvert, Roam members and guests have access to environments that suit the needs of their workday. The coworking space provides plenty of shared workspace for extroverts to balance their intense workload with some occasional socialization. There’s even a full-service coffee bar to have a casual chat over a cup of liquid inspiration … (ahem) coffee.

But, our coworking spaces also feature seating areas that provide a quieter alternative for those who prefer to bury their head in a laptop and crank through work without interruption. For professionals who need full privacy to maximize productivity, Roam’s Dedicated Desks or Dedicated Offices offer a valuable solution. These private, dedicated workspaces are an ideal solution for individuals who want a quiet space to be productive without sacrificing the amenities that come with a coworking membership.

Regardless of your personality type or work style, Roam has a solution to fit your needs. We’re here to ensure that you experience a reinspired sense of work and more productive day. Interested in learning more about our coworking memberships or Dedicated Desks and Offices? Contact us today.