Coworking: Overcoming the challenges of the remote workforce

The flexibility to work remotely can be both freeing and energizing. Cranking through emails from the comfort of your couch. Drafting contracts while lounging poolside in a tropical paradise of your choice. Or, perhaps you prefer the more conventional option- developing marketing content from the coffee shop just down the street. Regardless of your workplace preference, many of today’s employers are giving their people the freedom to choose when and how they work best. This trust and flexibility is creating a workforce that is no longer confined to the office cubicle. Today’s workforce is defined by their ability to work on-the-go.

But the freedom of working remotely also presents a fair set of challenges. It takes serious discipline to ignore the pile of laundry that needs folding and focus on the report your boss needs tomorrow. Not to mention the amount of concentration it requires to accomplish a single task during the morning rush at your neighborhood Starbucks. Officing out of environments that are not intended to be a workspace can often be more detrimental to your work flow than beneficial. So how do you strike a balance between taking advantage of the freedom you’ve been given while also maintaining productivity?



Discover a renewed and flexible workplace solution at Roam Innovative Workplace. We recognize the unique needs of today’s remote workforce and understand that one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. Our coworking spaces have been intentionally crafted to offer a variety of design-enhanced environments that can accommodate the varying schedules and workstyles of our members. There is both a place to hide away for heads down work and space to work socially and collaboratively for days that call for heightened interaction. From private booths to casual lounge seating, work freely and productively in the setting of your choosing.

If you are no longer confined to a corporate office, enjoy the benefits of our five Metro Atlanta workplaces with a single Roam membership. Whether you prefer to work close to home or meet with clients on their side of town, experience the convenience of working flexibly on-the-go in consistent environments designed to inspire and enhance productivity.

Keep your work day energized with Roam’s full-service Coffee Bar. Recharge and refuel with your Counter Culture Coffee beverage of choice and a selection of light bites from local businesses and artisans. Onsite food and beverage and an online ordering system allow you to caffeinate and replenish while supporting the Atlanta community—all from the comforts of your coworking spot! Take a quiet coffee break and mentally reboot from a morning of meetings or enjoy conversation over lunch with a fellow coworker. Either way, we’re here to ensure you stay nourished, productive and engaged in your work.



Even for introverts, loneliness is a real challenge faced by the remote workforce. While we may not always feel an intense need for socialization and companionship, there is something to be said about working alongside people with similar challenges, worth ethic and pursuit of success.

Signing up for a Roam membership is more than gaining access to an inspiring and innovative workplace. It’s unlocking the endless potential that lies within our vast community of members. From seasoned professionals to hustling startups, Roam is home to a diverse ecosystem of people and businesses.

This collective of talent, skills and experiences within the Roam community offers a wealth of knowledge to those working in our spaces. Not only can one benefit from the energizing hum of creativity, innovation and ideation at work around them, but opportunities to collaborate and brainstorm open the door for fresh perspectives and personal development.

Grow within your expertise, sharpen your skill set from more experienced professionals and gain valuable insight on your upcoming product launch when you turn to those within the coworking community at Roam. You never know, you may just meet your next potential partner, investor, employer or supporter. Whether you’re looking to grow an idea into a flourishing business or explore new markets for your company’s newest offering, the Roam team and community is a constant source of support, drive and encouragement to finish the workday strong and the task with excellence.


As you embrace the freedom and flexibility of working remotely, consider how a Roam coworking membership could enhance productivity as you experience a new kind of work day. To learn more about Roam’s membership offerings, explore our Coworking page. A community of innovators, entrepreneurs and pioneers awaits.